How not to display answers you are moderating

I don't think I'm stupid, but most stupid people don't either. What am I missing?? I'm looking for the means to display just the poll results on a second display, while all the poll features, controls and options are visible only to the presenter on the first display. Otherwise, how can you moderate the answers if the moderator screen are visible to everyone? I know there is a Mac presenter app, but that seems to be pretty buggie and complicated. And besides, there seems to be no information on how to use the moderator feature with the Mac presenter app.

What am I missing?
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  • Hi Jim,

    You'll want to use a different computer or separate display from which to moderate. Or else as you mentioned, your audience would see all of the responses anyway as you approved them.

    Open up the Moderator View on a separate machine or display. The answers that you approve will update all the instances of the poll that are open. So, you'll be controlling the answers that appear on any open instances of the poll, whether that's in a web browser, the Mac Presenter, or PowerPoint.
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