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Renaud (Programmer) May 06, 2013 07:01

Patch notes for 1.05

Hi all,

I've just released v1.05 on Steam, which contains the following changes :

- Fixed the "Error initializing audio subsystem" error
- Fixed the bug where "Continue Game" is greyed out when reloading a valid save game
- Fixed that map icons did not show up on Intel HD Graphics chips
- Fixed random crash bug when loading between levels
- Tentative fix for transitioning to levels in the background while using endgame feature
- Game now checks for available disc space on start (200Mb required)
- Added CLI flag to disable joystick support : --no-gamepad
- Added CLI flag to assume/force 60fps : --force-60hz (this is equivalent to the MonoGame DLL hack that's been going around)
- Added CLI flag for debug tracing : --trace (please use this when reporting crash-on-start issues, or early game problems)
- Fixed sprite alignment of corner ledge animations
- Final cutscene will play even if you glitched your way to more than 64 cubes
- Added tentative support for retroactive or glitched/non-unlocked achievements (Steam)
- Fixed cloning/duplicate/infinite anti-cube glitch
- Game should not force a resolution that is not supported by the display device on first run
- Added slightly broader support for Intel HD cards with outdated drivers
- NOTE : The "Debug Log.txt" file is now located in %APPDATA%\FEZ\, the one in the FEZ directory is stale and won't be written to

For GOG and Humble customers, the patch should come in tomorrow during the day.

There are still a few big outstanding issues, notably support for older Intel graphics hardware, texture loading issues that cause excruciating load times on some systems, and some game flow, scripting issues and crashes.
All of these will still being worked on as we really want to make playing FEZ a pleasant experience.

However, it's likely that the "big" patch releases will come weekly, instead of daily like since release day, to allow for further testing.

So again, I'd like to ask for your patience if you've had problems running the game, and keep reporting the issues that you see, attaching the "Debug Log.txt" that's in your %APPDATA%\FEZ folder when submitting a report, and specifying your PC's specs along with go.

Remember that updating your graphics card drivers, directly form the chipset manufacturer (e.g. nVidia, AMD or Intel) is your best bet to get the game running.

For people with older Intel cards ("Family", 1st gen HD or 1000/2000) who are still waiting to get the game running, remember that this is an Xbox 360 game originally, uses more advanced 3D graphics than you'd think, and it won't run at a high framerate on outdated integrated chipsets, even if we do get it to work.

Thanks everyone for your support! You've been consistently awesome.

Renaud / Polytron