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Renaud (Programmer) May 10, 2013 02:29

Support for Intel integrated graphics hardware

Hi everyone,

After much testing and debugging, here is a list of exactly what we do support.

  • Core and Pentium HD Graphics : Supported with driver version or later

  • 2nd generation Core HD Graphics 2000/3000 : Supported with driver version or later

  • 3rd generation Core HD Graphics 2500/4000 : Supported with driver version or later

The "Intel Series 4 Express Family" models are not supported.

For information on other Intel hardware and whether or not the game supports it, visit this page :
Hardware marked as OpenGL 3.1 or higher is supported. Hardware marked OpenGL 2.1 is tentatively supported; depends on your driver version and not every combination was tested. Anything below that is unsupported.

If you have one of the hardware models marked as "supported" and still are having trouble starting the game, first make sure that you're running the latest available version of FEZ. (as of this writing, v1.05)
It is also possible that your laptop's manufacturer is forcing an outdated driver on your system.
You can force installation of a newer driver at your own risk using the method indicated on this support page :

I've really tried everything to broaden support of FEZ on the platforms that ended up being unsupported, but the reality is that it's just not possible. FEZ requires the use of specific offscreen rendering features that are impossible to perform on older integrated GPUs.

Apologies for not being more up-front about this, but we got taken by surprise by the variety of PCs that people wanted to play FEZ on! Now at least, the picture is a bit clearer.

Renaud / Polytron