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Various ideas (facebook, "clock mode", etc)

I really like the facebook/twitter integration! I'd love to see more on the facebook side as I think it would allow me to do 90% of what I do on facebook, right from the application: upload photos to my wall, a little more refinement with how comments are posted (it isn't always clear when to tap and hold, for instance to "open" a wall post so perhaps some more visual indicator such as a drop shadow darkening during your press to indicate something is going to happen, etc), etc. Personally I think that the "info" page could be reworked or totally removed in favor of simply displaying my "wall" by default - my birthday, education, about you" and email are probably the least useful thing to me personally on facebook, and yet they are the primary item displayed.

clock/sleep mode
Just a random idea really (but this is the idea section I suppose!), but it might be cool to have something of a "clock mode", which could be activated when the device is plugged in (I'm not familiar with the APIs but I'm guessing this would be possible). The idea would be to take the strength of the app and make a LESS interactive version, in which the latest aggregate updates were somehow displayed along with a clock or some other sort of sleep related display. As new updates came in, they might bubble up to the page. The idea would be you could look and see the latest updates at anytime, but also use the device as an alarm/nightstand clock. Making this a visually pleasing and soothing type mode would be great I think.
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  • Don Steul (Chief Product Officer) July 12, 2011 17:10
    Great suggestions! We will definitely continue refining our social network integration. Good point about the Info page - you might notice that the info page is the primary access point from the contact details view while the wall is the primary access point from a contacts "PopPage" (the view with the big photo and the 1:1 history thread). Interesting idea for the clock/sleep mode. It is indeed possible to detect when the device is plugged in. In fact, we've been talking about optimizing data synchronization when a device is plugged in since battery drain is not a concern at that point. As for updates, the global history view (the central home panel) serves that purpose. I suppose we just need to add the clock and alarm!
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