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I’m frustrated.

Wrong address.

I'm not sure if this is where I should report this; I was looking for an email address but there isn't one clearly posted that I can find. So I'll do my venting here.
Recently I ordered 5 prints from your website. The payment for my prints was taken out of my bank account on March 9. My order shipped on March 12. I received them today on March 22, 13 days after I first placed my order.

I'm not so upset about the fact that it took them 12 days to get here. I wasn't needing these pictures desperately. I did look forward to getting them, but going without them for 12 days didn't hurt me. The reason I am upset is the fact that my address was not correct on the envelope I received. I live in a dorm and so I have two box numbers, my own personal box and the school's PO Box number. In the confirmation email for my order, the address was listed correctly. When I received my order today my personal mailbox number was not on the envelope, the school's PO Box number, which is 3450, was written as 345, and the zip code was incorrect. It's a miracle that my order even made it to my box. Had my address been listed correctly on the envelope I am certain that it would have arrived within the time that I was told it would.

I like the quality of the prints that I received, and I will do business with your company again. It would just be nice to know that the next time I order anything it is at least sent to the correct address.
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