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Photo of jd cos
EDU Enjoy from Italy
Goodmorning, I am a student from Italy and I would like to upgrade to the EDU Enjoy profile but in my country high schools don't provide ...
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Photo of Dawa Norbu
No download button
i saw no save as well as download button on my page....what could be the problem please.....i have to present in a day.....m lost Note:...
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Photo of
"Save a copy" vs. "Download"
On the Website there are the two buttons "Save a copy" and "Download". Always when I want to download a Prezi for offline use, I accid...
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Photo of Chris Rhoads
Edu Age Restriction
I would like to use Prezi with my 5th and 6th Grade students. Our district follows COPPA guidelines and the parents do sign off on their ...
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