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Photo of Jonas SchlumpfJS
Fehlermeldung bei Öffnen
Ich habe Online ein Prezi erstellt und dieses nun heruntergeladen. Als einige meiner Freunde diese nun versuchten zu öffnen zeigt es imme...
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Photo of Vera
Prezi Design Challenge
Design a great Prezi template and win a trip to Budapest! This is your chance to show us your skills. We’re looking for the best reusabl...
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Photo of S.SS
2 queries - symbols and positioning
When I insert a symbol and click on it in Present, it zooms in and becomes massive! I don't want it to do this, just to appear on my Prez...
  • S.S, 8 hours ago
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Photo of Clara PenzoCP
Update to Flash Player
I'm trying to use Prezi, but it appears the information update to Flash Player version 11.1 or later. I updated F.P. version 18, but the ...
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Photo of wwwindisch
hierarchical grouping
Dear developers, thanks for implementing the grouping feature. I'm heavily using it, but I find it in its current mode somewhat limiting...
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