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  • how can I open a prezi link in Prezi Viewer?

    … folks. I made a prezi and i want to be available for android and windows. I have a link in my website to such prezi... In Windows works ok. I understand that android … from playstore. I did that. But when i navigate my website from an android browser... How can i make the link to open the prezi in the Prezi Viewer app for Android … (2016-04-21)

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    • … reaching out to us. If you open prezi through a link, you can decide whether you open it with the application or in your mobile browser. If you have already opened with the mobile browser, you can still tap … (2016-04-25)
  • Creating links that jump to other parts of the Prezi.

    … great if it were possible to link to different parts of the Prezi presentation - this would give Prezi a more dynamic use for web, allowing the viewer to click … (2010-03-30)

    Tags: navigation, link, viewer, control, hyperlink

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    • If I get you right, you want to link to a specific part of your Prezi. This already works. You simply need to create a path and then go to the area you want to link to. Simply copy the url from the browser and there you go. (2010-03-30)
    • … or heading in a PDF document. There doesn't appear to be a way, within Prezi, to link to a specific view, element, or step in a path … (2011-01-02)
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  • How can I change the Public profile link?

    How to change the Public profile link (2014-02-13)

    Tags: alter, change, profile, public, account, good answer, link

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    • Dear Wallace, Currently it is not possible to change this link. Happy Zooming,István Csúsz (2014-02-13)
    • Please allow users to change profile link URL username. Please. I'm one of the earliest Prezi users, and had a mistake to use a wrong username, now I can't change it. Please make this functionality. (2014-09-25)
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  • Get rid of "Popular Presentations" when sharing a link to my presentation

    Is there any way to get rid of the list of "Popular Presentations" on the lower right side of the screen when sharing a link to one of my presentations. Not very professional for Corporate Presentations. Anyone? (2014-06-03)

    Tags: good answer, corner, link, lower, popular, presentations, prezi, remove, rid, right, screen, share, side, way

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    • … actually depends on a number of variables, e.g. whether the person you send the link to has a Prezi account and is logged in to that account or not. Best … (2014-06-04)
    • Here's a screen shot.. The presentation is above, I scrolled down so you could see what people I send the presentation link to see when they open the link on the lower right side of the screen. (2014-06-24)
  • Linking to web sites

    I have a prezi with hyperlinks to web-sites, but each time I click on the link when I return to the prezi it has stalled and I have to close it and restart it from the beginning. Why is this? what can I do to fix it? (2014-01-06)

    Tags: editor, good answer, hyperlink, hyperlinks, insert, link, url

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    • … underline. When in Present mode, click on the link to activate it. NOTE: URLs with anything other than HTTP or HTTPS protocols (eg. ftp … (2014-01-28)
  • Can I add an internal link into my the presentation?

    How do I combine an internal link in the presentation (2014-04-07)

    Tags: good answer, hyperlink, internal, link

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    • … to links in the prezi editor. Unfortunately, to combine an internal link with prezi is not possible at the moment. Thank you though for this idea, we really appreciate our user … (2014-04-07)
  • Put a Prezi link on a powerpoint slide?

    … presentation with two other presenters. They are using PowerPoint (which is the standard for the conference). I want to have a link on a PowerPoint page to start my Prezi presentation … (2014-01-08)

    Tags: good answer, hyperlink, inside, link, powerpoint, ppt

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    • … .ly/1l53Zs2 (Submit Support Request) As for your question about the link that you need to use, if I can still help you and for future reference if you have an active internet connection where you are presenting that is all you need. You can insert the link of the prezi into the PowerPoint and then you will achieve the effect you are looking for of opening a prezi from Powerpoint … (2014-02-15)
    • Lisa, we've built a plug-in at that makes it possible for your customers to embed Prezi presentations into PowerPoint without having to click a link and launch a new window. (2015-10-24)
  • Is there anyway to get the youtube link of a video that is in a private prezi?

    Video from youtube link (2014-09-19)

    Tags: inserted, link, media, video, youtube

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    • … here. Or if the prezi is not yours, you can comment or contact the owner of the prezi in order to ask the name of the video or the link. Hope this helps. Best, Nicole … (2014-09-19)
    • Nicole, what if the prezi IS yours, and I would like to get the link to use in a format that is not prezi. How can I get the link? (2015-09-22)
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  • Images as links

    Hello, It would be useful to create links on images and other clickable objects. What do you think? Regards, Robert (2012-05-24)

    Tags: images, links

    · Under consideration · 5 replies
    • Hi John, Thanks for your comment and the link. I assume you're referring to the workaround of saving a link on an image created with MS Office as PDF and then import it into prezi? Regards (2012-05-24)
  • Links from images

    Anyone knows if it is possible to make a link from an image on Prezi? I do not want to display the URL. Also I want to know if there is a way to put a contact form? thanks a lot (2015-01-22)

    Tags: hyperlinks, image, images, link, links, url

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    • Need to add this function Prezi team ! It is critical in an application focused on visual presentation to be able to link images. Could be a deal breaker forcing me to leave Prezi. Please fix this !!! (2015-07-16)
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