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  • Is "reset share links" no longer available?

    I can no longer find the option to "reset share links", has this been removed? Instead I had to create a copy of the Prezi and delete the original. (2013-06-24)

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    • … I would keep my Prezi private and simply provide the view only link. For some events/occasions we agreed to only give attendees access … version. Ideally it would be great if you could reset the link for the "hidden" link separately from the edit writes etc that you give to other people. Any chance … (2013-06-27)
    • Hello John, Does setting the Prezi back to Private and then to hidden reset the links? If this is so, then that is actually fine as it would allow generation of new links when allowing the Prezi to be viewable by link only. (2014-02-06)
  • import link tot Prezi in PDF

    is it possible (and how) to create a link to a public prezi (that I made) in a PDF? My plan is to show a part of a thesis in Prezi, because I am only titled to send 2 A4 pages and I have much more to show. Is this possible? (2014-03-03)

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    • … the document has an active internet connection. All you need to do is make sure that you insert the link to your prezi into the PDF document that you create. If the person … into their web browser. If you would like to make sure that the viewer can open the prezi just by clicking on the link then you will need to make sure that the link is retained as a hyperlink when you convert your document … (2014-03-03)
    • … then to the online editor, but you can still use the product in much the same way and create and insert the link into the PDF file for your thesis as I mentioned to you. Prezi … . This is the way you are using it, as part of the 30day trial. The most important thing for you to know then is that in order to create a link from the offline Application you will need to make sure that the prezi has been synced to prezi … (2014-03-04)
  • Creating links that jump to other parts of the Prezi.

    … great if it were possible to link to different parts of the Prezi presentation - this would give Prezi a more dynamic use for web, allowing the viewer to click … (2010-03-30)

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    • If I get you right, you want to link to a specific part of your Prezi. This already works. You simply need to create a path and then go to the area you want to link to. Simply copy the url from the browser and there you go. (2010-03-30)
    • … or heading in a PDF document. There doesn't appear to be a way, within Prezi, to link to a specific view, element, or step in a path … (2011-01-02)
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  • prezi link in google; how to remove???

    I removed a prezi. Still the link to the prezi can be found in google. How can take care of it, so that the link can not be found in google. (2014-01-29)

    Tags: delete prezi from google, deleted prezi on google, good answer, google, google index, google search, indexed prezi, prezi link, prezi link on google, prezi on google, remove prezi from google

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    • … search engines. This is because the search engine has 'indexed' the link and this is not always immediately removed from search results. In all these cases … , your prezi should stop appearing in these results within a month. If you would like the link to your prezi to be immediately removed from search engine … (2014-01-29)
  • Get rid of "Popular Presentations" when sharing a link to my presentation

    Is there any way to get rid of the list of "Popular Presentations" on the lower right side of the screen when sharing a link to one of my presentations. Not very professional for Corporate Presentations. Anyone? (2014-06-03)

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    • … actually depends on a number of variables, e.g. whether the person you send the link to has a Prezi account and is logged in to that account or not. Best … (2014-06-04)
    • Here's a screen shot.. The presentation is above, I scrolled down so you could see what people I send the presentation link to see when they open the link on the lower right side of the screen. (2014-06-24)
  • Linking to web sites

    I have a prezi with hyperlinks to web-sites, but each time I click on the link when I return to the prezi it has stalled and I have to close it and restart it from the beginning. Why is this? what can I do to fix it? (2014-01-06)

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    • … underline. When in Present mode, click on the link to activate it. NOTE: URLs with anything other than HTTP or HTTPS protocols (eg. ftp … (2014-01-28)
  • Linking Prezis together

    … middle school teacher. I have an idea to have students create an on-line museum by linking Prezi's. There would be a main Prezi that would be the lobby … (2013-04-22)

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    • … prezis on servers is not supported either - You could use portable Prezis and somehow link them - Slidedog, or other third party software possibly? Alternatively … (2013-04-23)
  • How do I combine an internal link in the presentation

    How do I combine an internal link in the presentation (2014-04-07)

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    • … to links in the prezi editor. Unfortunately, to combine an internal link with prezi is not possible at the moment. Thank you though for this idea, we really appreciate our user … (2014-04-07)
  • broken link

    your link doesn't seem to work. (2014-04-12)

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    • Hello burdorfer, I'm very sorry that the link is broken. It seems to be a link from the early days of the forum. What content were you originally looking for? I can try and help you out with a link that is up to date. Cheers, Vera (2014-04-14)
  • lost all of my links overnight? How did that happen? Can only drag and explore. WHY?

    HELP. lost links (2014-04-15)

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