Another id: 1200 the reason is: ErrorEvent securityError Error #2048

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I am trying to start a new prezi. I can name it, but I can not edit it. I get this message. id: 1200 the reason is: ErrorEvent securityError Error #2048
I have updated to Adobe Flash 11. I have tried Google Chrome IE 8 and Firefox. None have worked. I have tried turning off all Here is the URL of one prezi that I have tried to create.

I bragged about the great presentations that Prezi could be used to create, but now I can not follow through. HELP.


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Posted 2 years ago

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Ryan Mahan, Champion

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Hello Jotracy,

You are going to have to try disabling your firewall, I believe your firewall is restricting your access to

If that works, please tell me so I can give you a more permanent fix.

Thank you,
Ryan Mahan


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Both my windows firewall and AVG are disabled and still nothing.

Ryan Mahan, Champion

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What browser are you using?

David Foreman

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Would that be IE 8, Chrome and Firefox as stated in the initial discription?

I have a machine which I work on and I don't get this error. I have a test machine which I log into using same login (therefore access the internet through the same Proxy) an it does not work. I have installed Flash 11.3 (I have tried 11.4 but that fails to install).

Running Windows XP pro.

The teacher I am supporting told me that Prezi worked recently. Our network has not changed.

I wonder if the code that tries to load Flash might be looking for a very specific version (i.e. the absolute latest) and therefor rejecting versions that might only be a few weeks or months old? This is often a problem for flash sites that have been developed on a machine that has had the latest version, despite options in the flash development tools to allow for earlier version to be defined as minimum.

David Foreman

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Just to start a trend - I have a solution to this variation to the problem.

It seems that recently perhaps - the prezi website has updated it's security certificates.

So when the presentation goes off to load some stuff from https, behind the scenes the verification failed.

Our fault as we do not update windows - root certificates very often, which is a common practice when you lock down your computers in an education enivronment.

There is a download from microsoft to get the most recent root certificates for windows XP. I applied this and the error went away.

Please link this to other threads if you think it can help solve the dreaded #2048 error. Perhaps the discription in the error message for #2048 can mention about Certificate error as well.

Vivian Zheng

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Technical detail:
id: 1200 the reason is: [SecurityErrorEvent type="securityError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2048"]

I can not open it in my own computer but I can open it on other computers.
I checked my flash player's version which is the newest, and I close my firewall too...
But I still can not open my prezi....
I can not open it , can not view it, can not edit it T_T Please help me asap!!!
Thanks a lot !!!!

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Please help me ASAP.

Cathryne, Support Specialist

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Hi Vivian!

Please try the above firewall advice. Most likely, the computer you are receiving the error on blocks Adobe Flash from connecting to * and/or * Please white-list/allow those in any firewall, proxy or similar web-security software.

Kind regards,


David Campbell

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I have the same error as above (cannot view presentation or create new) - id: 1200 the reason is: [SecurityErrorEvent type="securityError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2048"]
But I have the latest version of Adobe Flash and my Firewall is disabled and same problem occurs using IE and Chrome so please advise how to rectify the problem.
Presentation link is

Many thanks