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Dear Prezi users,

as you probably know, you can easily invite someone to view your online prezi by clicking the "Share" or "View together" button on the prezis landing page and sending the generated invitation link. "Share" links are permanent, while "View together" links expires a few minutes after the host has ended the prezi show.

If you have a paid account, you have the additional option to make your online prezis private. Then, it will not be listed in our public directory - - and will not be indexed by search engines. The "Share" and "View together" links now have an authentication tokens in them, so no-one who hasn't received the full invitation link can view your prezi. Even if they know or guess the rest of the prezi's URL somehow.

We have received worried reports that this system might be too weak, though. People saw their private prezis links showing up in search engine results. It turned out though, that these cases resulted from the users posting the private share links on public, searchable websites like social networks, forums etc. Or invited viewers/editors spreading the links that way.

This is unfortunately not something we can prevent on a technical level, but we have implemented a function to counter it. If you have an ENJOY or PRO license (or the EDU versions thereof) and are concerned that a private invitation link might have reached a too broad audience, simply click "Share / View together > Rest Share Links" on the prezi's landing page to revoke the current authentication token. No matter where the link is been floating around, it is now useless and your prezi is private again.

If you have further questions, concerns or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us: or simply reply/comment below.

Kind regards and happy zooming!

The Prezi team
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  • confident.

Posted 5 years ago

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PS: This applies to "Edit together" links also.
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Thank you for this helpful description. I have a question regarding the View Together and Share links. I perform formal sales presentations with my Prezi's to audiences over the phone varying in sizes of 1-20 attendees. Currently, I send the View Together link out approximately 30 minutes prior to the meeting, in an effort to keep the attendees from clicking around too much prior to the meeting.

Do you have any suggestions on best practices for this? My concerns are the following:
1. Being able to send a link well in advance that is only active for a specified time period. For example, imagine a calendar invitation that includes the Prezi Meeting link but it does not become "active" or viewable until the actual time of the meeting when the Host/Prezi Owner joins.
2. Prohibiting attendees from clicking around at the slides

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I'm afraid both your requirements aren't met by our meeting function, sorry. There is currently no way to pre-define the time period where "View together" links are active, nor is there a function to restrict viewers from exploring the prezi themselves.

For your use case it might be better to set-up a video call and simply stream your computer screen to the viewers. That way, they only see what you see and you have no hassle with any invite links.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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I love the Prezi. Making presentations has become alot more fun. But but but it would make life ALOT easier if the 'share links' could work for an unlimited amount of time.
Just wondering why it was made the way it was?

-Gauri Poswal
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This helps - but I have a cl i ent who would like to "re-share" a private Prezi.
Using the "view only" share link, his clients are being asked to submit a password.
This is causing some confusion - other than making the PRezi "Public, no copy",
something the client does not want to do, what can I tell him about sharing
the Prezi?
(using Pro, created on desktop, edited there and online)
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And the presentation link will that expire after 10 min the presenter went offline
no matter the account you have, and would the presentation link also have the validation token when having an ENJOY or PRO versions??

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