How to control the path zooming?

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when i go from one frame to another, sometimes the view just flows directly to the next but sometimes it zooms out and zooms in to the next frame and the frames are of the same size.

There are four of the same sized frames and it doesn't do zooming for the first few but zooming between the last two...

How can i control this??

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Posted 3 years ago

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Cathryne, Support Specialist

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You probably put the path nodes onto one of the frame's content items, not on the frame itself. If both have the same center, this can be difficult to spot, but if you move the contents apart and enter path mode again, you'll see it.

Happy zooming!

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I'm 100% sure i put to path nodes on frames themselves not the frame contents.....
because 1. i moved the contents to one side and the path follows the frames instead of contents
2. i put path nodes on frames sides instead of the centre
3. i double checked them

John at SkillsLoft, Official Rep

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Hi, have a look at the distance between your frames. If frames are close together (and same size) you'll get a smooth movement if there is a distance it will be more violent i.e. up and over



Cathryne, Support Specialist

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Can you share the URL, so we can have a look ourselves?

Trevor King

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Im having the same Issue i've changed the size but nothing works, you can view mine @

Richard de Jong

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I'm dealing with this issue too. According to what John says it's obvious because my last picture has more distance from the previous than all the others.
But is'nt there a way to control that zoom and let the last picture slide in the same way as all the others do?
Thanks in advance!

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