Image Quality Improvements?

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I cant upload images with good quality onto prezi...? Can you help?


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Posted 7 years ago

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Peter Halacsy, Employee

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what does good quality mean for you? Why can't you? Do you get an error message? Do you use png or jpg files?

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Ashton Byrne

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We are using png files. Good quality means not grainy. And there are no error messages.

If you would like to see what I am refering to please visit our presentation at
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I have this same problem. Can't use images at all. So I print the image to PDF and upload that. Timeconsuming workaround, but at least the images are readible then.
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Is this a new problem? I just started working on my first presentation and that's the first thing I noticed. I uploaded a clear 275KB PNG and a compressed but clean 1.5MB JPEG - both look awful.

Hoping to put together a quick little presentation for later tonight though without image improvements - I may have to check this software out later.
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Eric L.

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Love the program, but it required at least 10x longer to develop a presentation than a PowerPoint b/c I had to convert all of my images (about 75) to PDF's first. These are good quality images but show-up grainy in almost all situations. It's hard to justify the inordinate amount of time it takes just to make the presentation look decent. I hope this app can get to professional grade quality quickly.
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Freddy May

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This image handling issue is ruining my Prezi experience. I am not talking about zooming in on low res images, I am talking about zooming out on ANY size image. PNG or JPG. You guys are going to lose a lot of users if you don't make this really friendly. Would be a shame as it is a nice product otherwise.

Videos work just fine by the way!
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Same problem here, and one that is deal breaker for me.
Prezi is all about ZOOMing.
The vector text, the arrows, they look great, but then you have those awful PNGs all pixelated. Shouldn't Prezi default to the PNG original resolution when the presentation shows it?
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very annoyed.
im cancelling my subscription...
makes it impossible to use for real work.
ive tried 1200x700 pngs, ive tried 3000x etc
makes no diff, they are always graining in prezi....
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for some strange reason, youhave to convert your pngs to pdf even if you post them at their original size. PNGs just dont work.
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I have the same issue. Its a shame as Prezi is a really good software..
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I really, really wish you would do something about the issue. If you use a png or a jpg, the image gets grainy, no matter what resolution the picture is. This limits Prezi's usability more than anything else.
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I find jpg images, providing they are of good quality and resolution, work fine but the inability to achieve simple wipes or dissolves without distracting zooming is an issue. I have tried creating a movie 'slideshow' in Adobe Premiere but the quality is dreadful when uploaded to Prezi. Excessive pixelation. Prezi has a lot of potential but there are some basic issues which need to be addressed.

Has anyone else tried processing still images in Premiere and uploaded the 'movie'? Has anyone one done it with success?
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I agree, this is a shocker for Prezi - I'll cancel my subscription if they don't at least attempt to sort it. Deal breaker indeed.
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Try converting your jpg's and png's to pdf (or swf).
Does that solve the problem?

Kind regards,

(Fellow user, not affiliated with the prezi team).