My Prezi will not upload.

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Tried updating to most recent Prezi... no help. Allowed Prezi and Adobe Air on firewall.... no help. Turned off firewall... no help. Created tiny file size dummy prezi with only text.... no help.

Michael Ruocco

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Posted 1 year ago

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Your account is over quota?

John at SkillsLoft, Official Rep

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Hi Michael Ruocco,

thanks Elena, I don't think it is this - Michael your account seems to be fine - can you try these suggestions:

have you moved location / wifi area? it may be that is being blocked by some security measure at your workplace:

- check to see if you have the latest versions of Adobe flash
- check you do not have a Firewall / virus checker that is blocking Prezi - you may need to whitelist in its security properties (*
- Is your internet connection OK - is it just giving you the problem?
- can you open it from another computer (e.g. a friends living elsewhere) this would indicate a local problem
- if you can try another browser (Firefox,Chrome etc).

Let me know how you get on.