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I am trying to make an organizational comparison chart. How do I add more rows and columns? Thanks.

Susan King

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Posted 3 years ago

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David, Marketing & Support Analyst

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Hi Susan,

Please hold shift and click on the items you would like to copy, then right click and press copy (or ctrl+c). Then pan to where you would like to insert, and right click and press "paste" (or ctrl+v). Then, you can manipulate all of it at once with the zebra that appears.



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Hi David,

I inserted the org chart and simply need to add more subordinate managers / employees beyond the 3 circular with the default. Major undertaking! Seems there should be an add level (mgr and then employee) rather than the cumbersome manner described above. And this does not work simply. If you hold the shift key and do not click exactly in the correct place it unlinks other shapes you have grouped to copy and then behaves as if I was not holding the shift - wants me to insert text.