Prezi introduces Grouping!

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Now you can move, scale, animate, and rotate multiple objects in Prezi all at once. When you multiselect in Prezi, you can keep your multiselection set by grouping it, and not have to select it again. A group can also be added to a path! And you can group within a group.

To do this, multiselect two or more objects. Then either right click (“Group”) or use the Group icon on the zebra. To select the group, click on any member of the group.
To ungroup the objects, select the group and either right click (Ungroup) or use the Ungroup icon on the zebra. You can edit objects inside a group by double clicking on a member (zebra won't appear for this).

This is not available on the iPad View at this time.

We hope you like it! Feedback is welcome!
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Posted 3 years ago

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Yippee! About time! I might come back and use it again now!
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Great great news! This is a feature that is going to make the life of many prezi users even better! Thanks guys!
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Ronald Gouldner

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How do you multi select items so they can be grouped?
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Charlotte Olsson

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Hi Ronald.

I think the easiest way is this:
Select your first item.
Then hold down SHIFT and continue to hold while you select the other items for the group, one by one.
Finally click the padlock in the right side of the zebra wheel.
Click padlock again later when/if you want to un-group.
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Choosing "Group" from the right-click menu doesn’t seem to work anymore? Is this deprecated, now that the padlock icon performs grouping?
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I noticed that grouping multiple groups is a problem when you un-group it - it un-groups everything. This is a big issue because then I have to regoup my smaller groups again. It seems like Prezi doesn't remember the subgroups and just ungroups everything...please fix!

This happens in both browser and trial desktop version, I have the EDU Enjoy License
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Joseph Hill

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This doesn't work for multiple frames. Dragging one frame moves everything in it (great development). Dragging multiple frames only moves the frame borders, not the stuff in them. Same with resizing. It would be nice if frames worked the same as objects.