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I like the tool. The thing I really miss is transparency. With that you could do a lot of cool things with the layers - like merge text into walls in a photo etc. Is this something that is being under consideration?
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Hi Tobias,

if you use PNG or SWF graphics, transparent image backgrounds are possible already. And text boxes have transparent background by default. Ergo, you can both merge text onto an image background, or let text "shine through" transparent sections of an image.

For more advanced photo editing, you'll have to use 3rd-party tools though.

Kind regards,

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Jonthue Michel

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Is it still possible in the new version?
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I feel that transparency would be a pretty basic tool to implement and would have a lot of uses. Is there really zero consideration about adding it to the toolset? Having to convert to PNG, open in an editing program, and convert to alpha seems pretty unwieldy, especially for multiple images.
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I agree with this. Making SHAPES transparent is desperately needed. Having to create custom transparent shapes in Illustrator or Photoshop, and then bring them in as PNG is incredibly limiting.

If I need to change the shape, I have to go out of Prezi, edit the shape by guessing what it should be, RE-insert it into Prezi, line it back up to the old shape, check to see if it's what I intended, and then go back and repeat the process if I need to tweak it a little.

This would be FAR less complicated if Shapes in Prezi could have transparency. Then I could just edit the shape as needed, the way that I edit them just grabbing the grips and pulling to where I want.
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For me the issue is variable transparency; i.e. I don't want visible or not visible. I would like the ability to have something like a colored box that is semi-transparent fade-in over a picture so that the text that I fade-in is more visible against the picture in the background.
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We should be given the ability to give a level of transparence to any image and the ability to add it as an animation that as the image is being brought out of transparency into full bold upfront view.
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After making your shape, open the CSS editor and  scroll down to the "shape" portion of the coding and change the gradEndAlpha and gradStartAlpha values. This will change the opacity.

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Hello Lindsey Heale,

thanks for sharing - for those who want to see more on this please see the CSS help page



Don't forget that (if you haven't already) you can upgrade your license to get more features (own logo, privacy and more space for your Prezis -

Shapes can be made more or less transparent, but images too? Where can you change the transparency - I could not find the way to change it? Is it already possible or are you still working on the feature?

Regards Annette
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Like Annette, I am looking for the ability to set a transparent color in an image. This can be done in Powerpoint 2010... when will it be available in Prezi. Or is it, and I need help finding it?