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Bleeping out swearing?

Why do the swear words in my stories get censored out even when I've marked the story as "mature"? Recently, I've posted a couple of new stories on Protagonize, and I thought I'd done everything I needed to do in the way of marking them as containing mature language. This is especially important because one of the stories sort of focuses on the fact that the MC struggles with swearing. However, every swear word in the story now appears bleeped out with "#$%s hardly excessive language, especially by the standards of modern fiction.

Anyhow, is there a way to change this so the words appear uncensored?
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    Hi Lyrwriter,

    There's a profanity filter that's turned on by default for all users (and anyone not signed in) on your profiles when your account is originally created. You have to disable it in order to see filtered text. It's a safety for younger users and so that search engines don't ignore or flag the site as "adult content", but it's totally optional and you can disable it (permanently) at any time. Many people turn it off soon after joining, but it's on by default for new accounts.

    Go into Edit Profile and un-check Enable profanity filter, you'll be able to see the unfiltered text (forever) as long as you're logged in.

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