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Hey Nick, it's Sly.
I'm not sure if you'll take to this idea because part of me believes you have rating the way it is for a reason. Nevertheless, I was wondering if you'd consider something.
I've been rated about thirty times lately on stories I've written but no one's commented, so I have no idea (aside from the most likely 'personal preference') what drove the rater to rate that specific number.
I was wondering if you could add a text box to rating, so that people are (not forced, but) encouraged to write WHY they are rating a specific number.
It could have the option to remain anonymous, or the author can choose to claim the comment. I think that if you had a text box that said "Explain why you chose this rating" It would make people think a bit more before posting a rating and be a bit more constructive.
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While we don't have anonymous commenting right now (and I don't know that I'd want to add it), adding an *optional* comment popup of some kind if you add a negative review might be useful.

I don't know that I'd make it show up in all ratings, as someone posting a glowing review would probably be more inclined to comment on their own, anyhow. And having a popup for commenting in that case could be annoying to the raters.

Maybe with some helpful text saying "You didn't think too highly of this chapter/branch, would you mind letting the author know why?", or something along those lines.

I do agree with the general consensus that getting overly negative (or positive) reviews without verbal feedback is a bit annoying, but I think the main problem is that some people will just trash other authors with very low reviews because they're mean-spirited. And sadly, adding optional commenting is 99% certain not to change anything there -- they just won't comment.

I'll think about it a bit and see what I can come up with, though. It's still a work in progress, and I've already refined it a couple of times over the last few months. It seems to be improving steadily, either way.
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Hi Sly,

Sorry to hear about your predicament, but fortunately, ratings are not anonymous to the moderation team. If you are aware of a specific user rating your work overly negatively, or following a pattern that can be investigated by the moderators, I'd be happy to look into it. Just file a report on the author in question's profile, and I or one of the mods will investigate and take appropriate action.

To answer the last couple of requests, though, I will not be making any major changes such as removing anonymity from ratings or adding required comments for the time being, as ratings will likely be changing significantly during the redesign. We've been discussing alterations to the ratings system for months and I'll probably be taking at least an interim step towards making them more useful in the next month and a half.

Thanks for the feedback!

-nick / protagonize