Create A Separate Homepage for Mature Readers

I love Protagonize and I'm committed to making it the homepage for my novel. However, if there's anything that would make me leave this site for another one, it's that Mature stories can never make the front page. It takes a lot of satisfaction out of promoting my work knowing that I can never achieve that, simply because I've written an adult story that deals with adult themes.

The solution would be a filter that filters out Mature stories so those with underage birthdays don't see them on the homepage. Make the filtered version the standard homepage, but allow adults with accounts to see the full unfiltered versions.

I believe if you don't do this, you will have many people removing the "Mature" label for the sake of publicity...which perhaps you feel comfortable monitoring now, but will not be able to monitor once the site grows (and aren't we counting on that?).
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    Hi Karma,

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I think you're basing your assumptions off of inaccurate or outdated information (like some of the FAQ answers, which may need revising.)

    While Mature stories used to be excluded from the "popular", "most recommended" and "top rated" lists, and from featured works, they aren't anymore (and haven't been for some time.)

    We've had a number of featured mature works over the last year and if you look at the homepage right now, you'll see that the top 5 popular works actually contains 3 mature stories.

    The FAQ, in this case, is out-of-date -- I'll make sure it gets updated when the new site redesign goes live.

    Hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any other feedback.

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