I’m excited


Like you don't have enough on you rplate...but hey, here's an idea! This site's really become a community - now, keep in mind, I have no idea anything about space requirements or bandwith usage, but I do think this might help with traffic.

Reading Donmari's eloquent post about the scary day she had, I thought it'd be great to talk about why it is I so badly want to go buy beer. Now, I could put that in non fiction and call it my Day, and so could everyone else, and we'd end up with a bunch of BLOGS.

Rather than posting my dumb poems on my personal blog, I'd rather just write that blog here on my profile page. I realize the scope of this site is creative writing, and as much as I'd like to continue spewing creative crap, sometimes, like today, I just want to write about my day. (and submit unsolicited idea after idea)

I spend more time here than on Facebook or Spaces, which both now annoy me, so I'd rather (here's the gem) tell my friends they can find my blog on Protagonize (traffic, kaching, kaching). This also gives my friends access to my stories and those with which I've favourited.

They might even love the site so much (and it's a lovable site) they may just register. Or come back to read stories AND blogs from some of the best writers east/west of the Mississipi.

I have to work tomorrow. But work today made me want beer,
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