Suggest Adding A Signature to Posts That Automatically Pulls the Most Recent Story As A Link.

Something similar to the blog app Comment Luv, that would put a signature after each post, linking to the posters most recent story upload. This would encourage more people to contribute in the forums, because every time they do they're advertising their latest story. It would also increase interaction, as simply having such a signature would create more instances of curious readers clicking through to that story.

It wouldn't be appropriate for someone to plug their story when answering a grammar question in the forum, but if every post had such a signature, contributers would be incentivized to answer such a question in hopes for a click on their latest. I think this should be automated not just so there is less work for the user but so that people link to stories on Protagonize automatically, rather than referring people to a witty quote or a website off of this site.
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    Hi Karma,

    This is an interesting suggestion -- I'm in the middle of re-working the topics/discussion display right now and will consider adding something similar.

    It may not be an explicit forum-style signature, but I'll see what I can do about either allowing users to display a promoted work, or just automatically showing their latest post somewhere in their topic comment metadata.

    -nick / protagonize
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