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Various questions

I have a few things swirling around in my brain that hopefully haven't been asked before (apologies if they have):

1. Firstly, i noticed an error when you highlight "write a new story" and the little text appears, it says "rwite a new story"

2. How about a drop down box that appears when you post a new story that let's you choose the privacy, maybe with 3 options: Solo Project, Anyone Can Add, Only People Listed in Guidance..... or something like that? I'm only saying this because sometimes when i read someone's work, i'd like to add something, but I am a bit cautious in case they are wanting to take it somewhere themselves, and this way everyone would know where they stand. I know i would post on more stories with this confidence.

3. Another small thing, but how about adding another box when writing a new story so it would show "Title" and then "Chapter name" as it would keep the formatting of the story a bit neater (and also help with your own profile when locating the first chapters of stories).

4. As we have ratings tables, i was thinking maybe we shouldn't be able to rate our own work, as some people will, and some people currently wont and it affects the overall ratings system. I personally don't rate my stuff because i want to see what other people think about my work, but if someone else is rating their stuff 5/5 every time, then they will get a big advantage in the tables. I guess it's just me and my competitiveness!

5.I think that's it :-)
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