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Access a case from the sets

Actually, I have a big number of test cases grouped in test sets to be easier identify them by their functionality group. This way, I would appreciate very much if it would be possible to access the cases from the sets, double clicking on the desired case. For sure, this implementation would speed up the process.
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    I second that and want to add another 2 linkage suggestions

    #1) When looking at a requirement, I can see the covering test cases in the lower right area. It would be nice to be able to click on any such test case and be redirected to the DESIGN>CASE.
    #2) Vice-versa, when looking at a test case, I can see the covered requirements and would like to be able to click on any of them in order to be redirected to the according DESIGN>REQUIREMENT view.
    Pleeeeeaaaaase... ;)

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