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Add attachments (screenshots, files) to the results of steps / cases during execution

Hi guys,

I'm still using Tarentula for my projects, and the more I use it, the more I like it (was used to work with HP QC by the past, but I DO really prefer Tarentula for its philosophy and ease of use).

Anyway, I wanted to suggest a new improvement: during the execution of a test, what about providing the possibility to attach one or several attachments to the steps of a case ? It could be used for instance to attach screenshots to show what went wrong or prove the result was as expected, or attach a diff file showing results of a comparison of data during a data migration, etc.

Of course, the comment section can be used to describe the result of the execution of a step / action but sometimes in addition a picture / file is more explicit.

Best regards,

Alexandre 8)
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