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How to copy a test case?

How do I copy a test case so that I can create a new case by modifying an existing one?

I tried clicking the Copy button at the test case level, but it doesn't seem to do anything. That is, I click copy, select my current project, and enter a "testarea". It's unclear to me what a testarea is, because that doesn't match other terms used in Tarantula (like set,case,execution). Also, there are no existing testareas in the list. When I click OK, I get a message that the case was copied successfully...but I don't see where the copy is? I checked all the sections in the left-hand-side navigation menu, but the copied case doesn't seem to be there.
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  • Ari Hakala (Prove Expertise Oy) October 15, 2012 07:10

    Could you please test without entering anything to Test Area?

    Test Areas are optional feature for dividing project into kind of subprojects. (Can be defined in project settings).

    I could not reproduce this problem :(. Case copying succeeded even with invalid Test Area.

    One thing to check is that case list up-to-date after copying. (Can be refreshed with recycle icon on left side navigator, next to title "Cases".
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