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I’m confused

Once Bugzilla is integrated, how do bugs appear in the "Existing Defects" dropdown?

Bugzilla is successfully integrated now (if you have questions on setting that up, see this thread for the steps:

Question is, how do I get bugs to show up in the Existing Defects dropdown menu that links test cases to issues in Bugzilla? It wouldn't be there unless the option exists, but I'm stuck figuring out how to do it. This topic was lightly touched upon in another thread, but it deviated from the main topic so I figured I would start a new question (that thread is here:

Here's what I did:
1. Setup Bugzilla as its own bug tracker. (see:
2. Create a project. Add the bug tracker.
3. Add a product to the project. Save.
4. Create a sample test run via the design menu. Run the test.
5. Click on the defect icon in the testing dashboard.

Get this popup:

The Existing Defects dropdown is empty, even though issues exist in my Bugzilla environment. Refreshed, but that didn't make them appear. The text makes it pretty clear that defects will only appear if they have been previously associated with the current case, which makes me think you have to add them via the New Defect option below.

The New Defect option worked (after I made sure the Bugzilla issue was a full URL, with the http:// intro). It opened Bugzilla in a new window and let me enter the issue.

Problem is that issue is never linked back here. Refreshing doesn't add it to the Existing Defects dropdown. There's no way I can see to add any issue to the Existing Defects dropdown, actually.

So if anyone knows how to get Bugzilla issues on the Existing Defects dropdown, I'm all ears. Thanks!
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