Updated test cases labels are not updated accordingly in test executions


A strange behavior has been identified with execution panel...

Here are the steps to reproduce:
* Set a test case with a name "My old name"
* Assign this test case to an execution... it appears with the label "My old name" in the cases list
* Modify the name of the test case "My old name" to "My new name"
* Go back to the execution referencing "My old name"...

The name of the test case has not been updated... "My old name" is still displayed instead of "My new name".

And if you ever remove the test case "My old name" from the execution and add "My new name" and save... then "My new name" is replaced with "My old name"...

This is a bit confusing. I used the VM provided by Ari in this forum.

Anyway, this tool is amazing and really helpful, thank you for building this !


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