prize 1400 and 1830

Please answer my questions (2) in order based on how I wrote then please.
what! 1830-million for life is only for Texas??!! So this means that there could only be a Texas winner in Texas. Theres not at all going to be a winner in Ct or NY or PA , etc..... is that correct? That sucks because im in Connecticut(CT) Why then when I told the agent before she asked me where i was from and I said CT. 2 people told me I can send an entry and I did! I submit an entry every day and I even got an air mail from you guys which I sent in. And your telling me its only for Texas residents? so all the applying that I did until now is for nothing? because you wont even select a winner in CT anyways right?

2- So the prize 1400-10million sweeps is ended you say on 29th?? Im in CT. So can i apply for this until that day and then you will do the drawing on the 29th right? tell me if im correct. Or mabey you only do this in Texas?
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