How do I return something I brought????
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  • Hi Debbie,

    Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! You may return any merchandise item ordered through Publishers Clearing House up to 120 days from receipt of shipment, if not completely satisfied, for any reason. You will receive a full credit (including any shipping and handling) on any product returned within this time frame. All credits will first be applied to any open balance you may have with us. If you do not have an open balance on your account, a refund check will be issued and should arrive within 6-8 weeks.

    If you'd like to return an item, please include the Invoice for your order (which was attached to the package) and indicate if you would like a replacement.

    If you no longer have the Invoice for your order, please include a note which contains your name, full shipping address, and whether you would like a replacement. Returns should be sent via a traceable shipping method. Please retain your shipping receipt.

    U.S. Customers:

    Publishers Clearing House
    Returns Processing Center
    720 Winners Circle
    St. Cloud, MN 56399

    Canadian Customers:

    Publishers Clearing House
    Returns Processing Centre
    Gateway CR, 4567 Dixie Rd.
    Mississauga, ON M0R 4A0

    Please allow approximately four weeks for your return to be fully processed.

    For additional information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by going to You will find helpful answers for our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)!

    Jeremiah @ PCH
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