Please help, I do not understand what has happened here.
I logged onto the PCH Online Surveys Page and received the following message:

Your PCH membership has been terminated for non-compliance with PCH's Terms and Conditions. From now on you will be denied access to our website. You also lose the right to all accumulated rewards. Terms and Conditions

What did I do wrong?
I have been participating in the surveys as I reguarly do. I have done nothing to circumvent the system, nor have done anything that violates PCH Online Surveys Terms and Conditions that I am aware of.

Please advise at your earliest convenience what has happened to my account.
I enjoy completing the surveys and do not beleive that I have done anything wrong.
Whatsmore, I had over 5000 points that right now are lost.
I would sincerely appreciate an explanation as to what has happened.
Thank you.
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