Joel Bair (purlHub Specialist) June 04, 2012 23:54

new JSAPI Release-1424


Grab the latest JSAPI version 1424 here: ""

New features and improvements:

  • Added support for dynamic purlCode generation format control in on-the-fly purl registrations.

  • Improved handling of HTML5 INPUT types

  • Added integration support for IMG tags and image swapping

  • Added optional defeat for null(empty) property rendering

Two new options are defined and documented in the JSAPI documentation. codeGenMetaFormat and renderNullValues. codeGenMetaFormat is used to specify and control the format of how purlCode(s) are created on self-signup / on-the-fly purl registration forms. renderNullValues determines the handling of properties that are empty (or null) during data render.

Additionally, we've added support for IMG tags during purl data render, providing simple to use dynamic image swapping support. Flagged IMG tags get their src attribute updated with the property's value.

And lastly, we've improved the support for HTML5's wide variety of INPUT TYPE(s). Adding integration and data binding support for both data capture and render.

As always, your feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

- purlHub