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Joel Bair (purlHub Specialist) June 29, 2012 20:31

New debugging, demoing, and testing features.

purlHub recently added a few new convenience features for development, testing, and demoing PURLs.

Oftentimes its necessary to test a PURL landing page while your campaign is live. This has the unfortunate side-effect of littering the campaign tracking data with test visits and submissions, throwing off campaign analytics. To address this, purlHub offers a campaign tracking mode toggle from "Draft" to "Live". This toggle is available per-campaign, via each account portal, and globally sets all incoming campaign tracking to the selected status. In conjunction, purlHub supports a URL temporary toggle (?_phtDraftMode=true) QueryString variable and a purlTracker config object option (draftMode: true) for temporarily overriding the global campaign status. Useful testing or demoing a PURL, these overrides set the tracking mode to "Draft" for the current browser session. Note: To preserve the integrity of the tracking log, these overrides do not switch the tracking mode of existing sessions.

Adding on this feature, starting new or clearing any existing session, is supported by the purlTracker config object option (resetTracker), or the URL toggle (?_phtResetTracker=true).

To test a PURL on a "Live" campaign, without effecting the live tracking data, and tracking the activity as "Draft"; simply use the following URL format:

Account holders can then view the "Draft" or "Live" data from the reports section of each purlHub account portal.

For quick tests, to temporarily suppress tracking altogether add the URL parameter (?_phtSilent=true)

These options are covered in detail in the JSAPI Documentation.