Theron (Official Rep) April 19, 2012 00:17

Pre-polulating a form AND allowing anonymous submissions

Is there a way to pre-populate a response form for a purl visit but also save form submissions from people that visit anonymously without a purl?
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  • Joel Bair (purlHub Specialist) April 20, 2012 16:38
    Personalized Marketing Strategy

    Good design practice - builds the personalized landing page from the perspective of the anonymous visitor, first. This is an encouraged approach - in general, as it produces a working creative design, with or without purls. Under common error circumstances (miss-typed purlCode, broken link, or organic traffic), the page is fully functional and the error is transparent to the user. As an anonymous visit the landing page should direct the user to "register" a personal profile, prior to the call to action. On-the-fly profile registration is fully supported by purlHub.

    A basic model:

    1) Anonymous visitors see a registration form branded "Lets get to know you first."

    2) PURL visitors see personalized view speaking to them by name and a sales channel call-to-action form branded "Get more information.".

    In many cases, the personalized view's call-to-action form presents the visitor with known information (pre-populated) and the opportunity to confirm or update this information (firstName, lastname, phone ...). This function, in conjunction with the personalized view and greeting, effect the core concepts of PURL marketing that drive the elevated conversion rates.

    In this common scenario, its tempting for designers to streamline the "basic model" - skipping to step (2) as the view for both purl and anonymous visitors. Which circles us back to the original question. In this streamlined scenario, however, the effectiveness of the PURL is diminished, due to the loss of personalization opportunities.

    Using purlHub in the streamlined manner (the original question), requires forking the call-to-action, under anonymous circumstances, to create an on-the-fly purl registration. The purlHub JSAPI provides the onAnonymous and onPurlLoadError hooks for taking custom action under anonymous circumstances. Add onPurlLoadError and onAnonymous hooks setting a check-variable. In the call-to-action event, test the check-variable and either process the record save normally or populate and save the profile - subsequently processing the record save as a callback. It is necessary to include a hidden form for the profile save in the document.
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