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Theron (Official Rep) April 04, 2012 22:56

purlHub as a Personalization Service

While the idea of personalized URLs is hot at the moment, we designed purlHub as a personalization service to make personalized, relevant content faster and cheaper to deploy - whether or not a personalized URL is presented to the end user.

To that end, purlHub provides some basic services via API or online dashboard that constitute the majority of the "heavy lifting" in a dynamic content scenario:

  • Data Access: Simplified retrieval and storage of information using a purlCode as a unique key for associating data to an individual content consumer - from new record creation to saving form submissions to ad hoc profile attributes based on segmentation, rules or behavior.

  • Content Presentation: Very flexible JavaScript API for managing the presentation of dynamic content based on data at the individual level. With options to return data in various formats from XML, JSON and others, the presentation layer is independent of the data.

  • Tracking & Reporting: Robust infrastructure and API for collecting behavioral data at the individual level, as well as online access to reporting and data export.

    • Data & User Management:
    Online account tools enabling non-technical users to import, export, view and update data, as well as user management and brand customization options.

  • Session Management: Built-in options for persisting data from page to page and visit to visit.

As we've rolled out purlHub incrementally over the past year, starting with Agency clients and culminating recently with a public subscription-based consumer model, we've found ourselves using purlHub more and more in routine non-purl projects simply because it makes our lives easier.

We'd love to here about your ideas and experiments.
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