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Joel Bair (purlHub Specialist) December 14, 2012 22:52

purlHub JSAPI Release 1.5 and Advanced Relationships support

Happy holidays from purlHub!

[ Dec.15 ] Today we're pleased to announce the immediate release of the purlHub JSAPI version 1.5 (vz=1500) along with core support for advanced relationships and referral programs.

PurlHub subscribers will notice a few new features in their account portal.

* Special properties now exist on all purls: classification, purlParent, and purlReferrer. "classification" is a special treatment value, while "purlParent" and "purlReferrer" are relative references to contextually associated profiles.

* Within the List Manager Profile view, a new "Properties" subset and editor exists on all purls.

* Within the Campaign General tab, a new section is available for setting up Default Properties that apply to all purls.

Change Log:
* New Auto-Show and fast-fade after the DOM render is complete.
* Enhanced support for 3rd party JavaScript library integration (jQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous)
* Enhanced support for client side validation.
* Formal and full featured support for Referrer (referred by) association for dynamic campaigns.
* Support for Parent associations (i.e. Representatives and Managers).
* URL Formatting rules incorporated as "purlProfile-links" w/ rendering on purl pages.
* Improvements to the interaction with jQuery plugins with respect to DOM readiness.
* Cross Referrer attribute modification with increment / de-increment support (for referral tabulation)
* new HTML <a> and <IMG> rendering support (href / src attributes).
* Post-render custom CSS style support
* Many bugfixes and minor improvements

Subscribers can immediately incorporate these new features by updating their pages with the new JSAPI library "". (set js vz >= 1500 ) Enjoy.