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Essay about animal.

I must write my essay online about shark. I wrote few paragraphs. But I need more I don't know what can I write else.
Great White Shark Essays

The great white shark also known as great white, white death or Carcharodon carcharias in scientific language is one of the world’s biggest predatory fishes. Great white can reach 6 meters in length and more than 2,000 kilograms in weight. The lifespan of a great white shark varies from 30 to 100 years.

Such dry facts will work if you are asked to write a pure Biology essay on great white sharks. However, it is definitely not the only way to get great white sharks papers done.
Great white sharks are very dangerous, they are real monsters, and eat everything that is moving around them. Something like this can serve as an introduction for your great white shark essay devoted to various myths about white death. Indeed, people know only negative things about sharks, while a few know that sharks are actually endangered species and require protection.
By the way, threats to sharks and ways of protecting them can be a brilliant topic to disclose in your great white shark paper. People know how many humans have been attacked by sharks. But do we know how many sharks are killed for their meat, teeth, and fins? Conduct your investigation for the great white shark essay, tell about major threats to sharks, explain what organizations control illegal killing of sharks, etc.

You can find websites of the following conservation groups to get more info for the great white shark essay:
United States Center for Shark Research
Australian shark Conservation Foundation
South Africa Shark Research Center
The great white shark essay can be arranged in the form of a guide for tourists and those who like surfing in areas where sharks live. Give your recommendations on how not to be attacked by a shark, what to do if one sees a shark nearby.
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