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I have come across Qiqqa and would like to use it, but I noticed the following clause in the licence agreement upon setup:

'By adding Content to Qiqqa and/or syncing your Content with a Web Library, you grant Quantisle Ltd. a world-wide license to use this Content for the provision of PERSONALISED services to you (not limited to parsing, indexing, transmission and storage) and for the provision of anonymous AGGREGATED services to other users of Qiqqa (not limited to aggregated crowd-sourced metadata and recommendation). The rights to the ownership of the Content remain entirely yours.'

My intention is to use Qiqqa offline on my PC as a programme with which to organise my research. I would not seek to connect to the internet with the programme to share any of the information therein (documents, annotations, etc). As such, I do not wish to licence Qiqqa to take my content out of my local computer, whether for personalised or aggregated services.

Am I thus unable to use Qiqqa under the current licence agreement?
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  • We have to put that clause in there for legal reasons.

    Without it we would not even be able to index your data on your local computer and generate search results - even locally - without risk of someone taking action against us for "inspecting their data without authorisation". That is the PERSONALISED requirement.

    The AGGREGATED requirement allows us to do anonymised aggregated activities, like tell you that 15 other people are reading a particular document you are reading, or perhaps suggest BibTeX information for a document that 10 or more other people have agreed on. Again, we feel that these items are useful enough to the Qiqqa community as a whole to warrant our asking permission up front to do this.

    We wish there were a way to provide for these scenarios without a clause that triggers a (reasonable) allergic reaction in potential Qiqqa users. I am afraid that we can't take out the clause without exposing ourselves to legal liability, and so we request that you take it at face value that the clause's bark is worse than its bite!
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