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Power light + 2 light from level pyramid/gauge blinking when charge

When plug the charger (T2x2US) into my Turbo 2x2, the power/plug light (orange) + 2 light from the level/gauge (green) keeps blinking. When first plug in, the power light came on and blinked for a few time with some ticking sounds and then the 3-light blinking occurs. What is going on?
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  • It sounds as if the Turbo 2x2 is not functioning as it should. You need to send it and the charger into us for testing and evaluation. You can get the mailing address under the Support tab on our website. If it was purchased less than a year ago, please send in a copy of the bill of sale for the Turbo 2x2 as it would be covered under our 1 year warranty. If it is older than that, we will give you a free estimate.
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