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If you have T5D with D23WR, and FW9T, FW7Q. What are the advantages of upgrading to T5D-R.
(will be shooting with mainly onelight setting, not much ratios).
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  • If you are going to use only 1 Qflash, the T5D as a remote and you have just the D23w-R and FW9T in the camera hot shoe, then there is no need to upgrade. If you want to shoot in TTL, set the T5d to Linked to Local Mode. If you want to use the Auto sensor on the T5d, set it to Wireless Remote Auto Mode.

    If you want to start using more than one Qflash, with either a 5d-R with D23w-r and an FW9T on a bracket with the camera or either, a Trio or a Pilot in the hot shoe of the camera and will have multiple remotes, themn you will need to have an upgrade from the T5d to the T5d-R.
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