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Things that are missing from QEM

Since Quicken Inner Circle is moving to this I will move this post to here now.

Hi guys, I'm fairly certain the devs have a huge list of items that have been requested. I'm curious what that list is, but I know we have all posted various items we've requested, some of them have been added (printing checks, tax schedules, better budgeting, better reporting) and some haven't (more investment features) So, I'd like to start a list for us, one where people post a comment in this thread, and I'll come back and edit this first post to include all of those things, that way, we can see how far we've come. I'd also like to make a list of all the things that QEM didn't include at 1.0, but that have now been added, such as the items listed above. So, I'll break this list into two sections:

Added Features
Went from 4000 banks -> 13000 banks
Core Features
Writing and Printing Checks
Add Attachments to Transactions
Export Tax Information
Enter Holding and Balances for Investments
Tax Schedule Report
Income and Spending Budgets
Scheduled Transactions
Added Memo/Notes fields to the Tax Schedule and Category Reports (Thanks Dan)
Export to QXF
Ability to enter cost/share for investments

Usability Features
+/- keys to change the date and check numbers
Keyboard Math in Charge/Payment Field

Preference Items

Missing Features
Core Features
Quicken Bill Pay
Export to QIF
Multi-month budget (3, 6, and 12-month)
Net Worth Graph
Mixed-currency Reports
Stocks (this includes portfolio, transactions, and tracking the value of stocks)
Tracking Mutual Funds
Better Reporting - can you all give me examples of reports you want to see??
Boolean Searches (AND, OR, XOR, XAND, multiple filters)
"Smart Search/List" (Saved Boolean Searches)
Tag Explorer (like the Category Explorer)

Usability Features
Add reconcile button to the Register Toolbar
Exclude certain items from the Summary page
'Clear' key should clear the field, not cancel the transaction
When you press Cancel on a new transaction, it should also delete it.
Button in register view to Display all Transactions
Set date field to current day when user presses {space}
Make a "revert to default" button in Report filters.

Preference Items
Enable/Disable Auto-Match
Allow 'return' key to move through fields (at least to move out of date)
Prevent Time Machine from backing up file
Enable two-line Transaction Register

1st Note) Please let me know if One of the missing features is actually in there and I just miss it, I am checking to the best of my ability, but I am not infallible. In addition, if one the "Added Features" is not actually complete, please let me know what you wanted to see changed, who knows I might need to create a "Change Feature"

2nd Note) I will add any details that I feel are relevant to a specific feature in a comment.

3rd Note) I have added a Preference Items area, there were too many preference items...

5th Note) We want Mobile APPs!!!!!!!! There now I'm politically correct.
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