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Wells Fargo and Quicken
Communication error. Cannot connect to WF for a few days now due to some communication error.  Please advise when corrected.
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Capital One 360 failures
The Capital One 360 download failure thread was closed as "solved."  If the solution is every time I do a one-step update I get a cc-501 ...
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Most of my accounts are resulting in the following messages when I do an account update: Download Error (-28)
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Photo of Maikeer Store Card - Synchrony
For the longest time, I have been ignoring this message and just downloading from Synchrony's website.  One Step Update was not available...
  • Maikeer, 9 months ago

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BECU OL-393-A error
I am getting this error for my BECU (formerly Boeing Employees Credit Union) accounts.  The transactions and balances are downloading fin...
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American Express FSB download error
For the past several days, I have been getting an error message (with no code) for my American Express FSB savings account.   My connecti...
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