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Mouse Properties: Snap To
WIndows 10, Quicken For Windows Premier 2017 release 3. I've asked this question before but here I go again. Using Windows Settings ->M...
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FIND Defaults
Why doesn't Quicken just fix this "FIND" issue and default to "ANY FIELD", instead of "Date"? Or allow the user to select the defaults fo...
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what if payoff tool
FYI - 2017 Windows Quicken - The what if tool in loans STILL doesn't work in the new version!!!!- It only calculates for the current mont...
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How to Join Quicken Beta
If you are interested in seeing new product fixes, features, and services before they're released to all customers, or if you want to get...
  • Quicken Tamara, 2 years ago

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Drop Down Menus
Using 2017 & as I attempted to use the drop downs(down the list) at some point the selections disappear. Rolled back to 2016 and that wor...
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