Auto Reconcile doesn't show transactions past the current date?

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I download my Citi credit card transactions by Direct Connect into Quicken and use Auto Reconcile - I have "Always use online balance" and "Auto Reconcile" checked. I have scheduled transactions for the month that I enter ahead, so that there are always numerous transactions in the register dated past the current date.

Today, I noticed that in the reconcile window, NO transactions past the current date were listed. In fact, one of  them had cleared with Citi early, but as it was not in the Reconcile window, I could not put a check mark next to it to balance the account.

This is new. The reconcile window always showed ALL future transactions as well as the ones just downloaded. The window shows "balance as of (today's date), but there is no way to change it.

I had to go into the register, find the transaction dated 3 days from now (as entered by the scheduled transaction), and manually mark it as reconciled. I never had to do this before.

Did something change? Or is there a setting I'm not aware of to have the Reconcile window show ALL unreconciled transactions with future dates?

I download every day. This is annoying! Help appreciated. Thanks!

(Quicken Home Business and Rental R15.18 (Windows) subscription, Windows 10 x64)
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Posted 2 months ago

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Why didn't you simply change the date of the future transaction that indeed cleared and change it to the correct reconciled date?  As it is now, you now have a transaction that has cleared (your marking it reconciled) in the future which is, logically, impossible (!).  Also, your real balances are incorrect as you have a cleared transaction that isn't accounted for it your current balance.  Am I missing something?
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For several years now, the reconcile window does NOT show any dated transactions after the Statement Closing date that you enter.  The rationale is/was that they have no impact on the reconcile, so why show them and clutter up the screen.
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Hi @ Joseph Witkin ,

If your Bank sends you pending Transactions, that have yet to be posted by them, Quicken does not show Pending Transactions. Quicken only shows, Cleared Transactions.

The Reconcile Window, goes by the Posting Date, not by the Date the Transaction was created.

The Paper Statement Reconcile, is the same way.

And Quicken will never list Future Transactions in the Reconcile Window.

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Hmm, I guess I'm dreaming. I can swear that the reconcile window always used to show all outstanding transactions in my register - the ones just downloaded from the bank with a check mark, and the others (including future dates) without. Of course, I can go to the register and change the date, but I never had to before. Been using Quicken for over 10 years. I must be losing it...
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Hi @ Joseph Witkin ,

You can change the Date of the Transaction, but not the Date of the Posting Date, which is what the Reconciling Window, looks like.

The Posting Date, is the Date the Bank posts the Transaction to your History at the Bank Website. That is, clears the Transaction.

Example: You deposit a Check, Friday Evening after the Bank Closes, but does not post the Transaction until Monday Evening.

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Joseph Witkin

Hmm, I guess I'm dreaming...

What you're remembering is how it works if you reconcile to your paper statement, it does not work that way with auto-reconcile.
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From C. D. Bales:
"You can change the Date of the Transaction, but not the Date of the Posting Date ....".

The use can change the "Posting Date": it is the "Downloaded Posting Date" that can not be changed. They are two separate fields, and it is the "Posting Date" that is used in reconciles (at least when reconciling to a paper statement).

If/when a transaction is downloaded, Quicken sets the "Posting Date" equal to the "Downloaded Posting Date".

The user can modify a non-investment transaction "Posting Date" at any time, by: right-clicking the transaction; holding down CTRL while left-clicking "Copy transaction(s)"; then entering the desired date in the "Posting Date" field and clicking OK.

Quicken's handling of dates in reconciles changed around Q2015. See: