Capital One download update asking for one time code

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Using Windows 7 Pro, Quicken 2015 Deluxe

During a download of C1 transactions, Quicken update shows a screen saying the Capital One needs a one-time update code and provides a dropdown selection to request the code by phone or by email and provides a portion of the phone number and email address for validation.  When I select either option, Quicken continues to process the update even though I never get a C1 code via phone or email.  That's started happening this morning.  I download update my accounts every day.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue or has a resolution?

I hate to have to get this prompt every time plus I can't tell if Quicken is truly processing a download or just continuing without a download.

I'm hoping it's some web processing C1 is doing on a Sunday morning that will go away.
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Posted 3 months ago

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I don't download directly into the register.  I'd rather not have duplicates there and fish through to delete the duplicates, even if I can multi-select.
I gave the web download a try and that seems to work.  I just have to narrow the date range for the download to just since my last download, to eliminate any duplicates. 
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Yes I recall that the procedure is to reconcile the account then accept all transactions. Then you sort by "unreconciled" , click on the first , hold shift and click on the last to select all of them..then hit delete. No fishing involved. Just telling you in case you find yourself needing to do that.
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OK...  so I've been using Quicken Deluxe 2015 now for a while with no problems.  When the issue with C1 appeared, I chatted with a C1 rep and was told that I needed to upgrade to Q2017 due to their security upgrades, but that I could simply download the .qfx file to get around that. I've been doing that for several weeks now; even did it successfully yesterday.  Now today, when I downloaded and clicked the file to open it in Q2015, the program began a Windows Installer procedure that I had not seen before...  "configuring Quicken 2015".  I quit the installer, but now cannot bypass that.  So it appears that I now have to manually enter the transcactions and manually reconcile the account.  Anyone else having this problem?
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Tom Johnson

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No.  My manual downloads work fine.  But I plan to continue to pester both Cap 1 and Quicken until they solve the problem.
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This is one crazy ride ... a month ago I declared my problems fixed ... since then I have had to go the deactivate / reactivate route 3 times (for 2 different C1 accounts) ... broke again last week ... I also just got the 'configuring Quicken 2016' message today ... just like you, looks like I am in dead in the water ... so I once again reactivated both accounts (I know the drill well ... mark all current transactions with 'R' so you can differentiate the zillion downloaded transactions marked with 'c' ...) ... net is I am on the air again ... but I fully expect it to break again ... Quicken: how do you run a company this bad?
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This new issue is a known Quicken problem, although they have not done a good job telling their CSR. Here's what they say about this

Some Quicken Windows users are reporting that they're receiving an install error when attempting to import a QFX file downloaded from their financial institution:

"The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable"

We have seen a few customers who are receiving a slightly different message that advises them to uninstall their Quicken program before trying to install again.

We are investigating the cause of this error and are working to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

If you wish to receive email notification when we have the solution, please FOLLOW this Announcement.

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Posted 2 days ago
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The latest suggestion from Quicken is to deactivate the account, change the Financial Institution name to "Capital One Card - Current" and then reactivate the account.   I'm trying this and will let you know if the problems go away.
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Thanks, Tom.  I look forward to hearing how it goes...
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About 5 weeks ago, after the third time that I de-activated and re-activated the account, everything was working fine for about 4 weeks.  I would occasionally get the prompt for the 6-digit code, then enter it, and the downloads would work.  Then, about a week ago, it stopped working.  Today instead of de-activating and re-activating, I just clicked on "reset account."  It asked me again for a prompt but it seemed to work.  Unfortunately, it also downloaded about 100 duplicate transactions that I had already entered, but I used the trick where I reconciled, then accepted then all, then deleted the non-reconciled transactions en masse. 

I am beginning to think that this is the new normal for this account - I will have to do this about once a month or so as long as I keep using Quicken.  Oh well.