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Using Windows 7 Pro, Quicken 2015 Deluxe

During a download of C1 transactions, Quicken update shows a screen saying the Capital One needs a one-time update code and provides a dropdown selection to request the code by phone or by email and provides a portion of the phone number and email address for validation.  When I select either option, Quicken continues to process the update even though I never get a C1 code via phone or email.  That's started happening this morning.  I download update my accounts every day.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue or has a resolution?

I hate to have to get this prompt every time plus I can't tell if Quicken is truly processing a download or just continuing without a download.

I'm hoping it's some web processing C1 is doing on a Sunday morning that will go away.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I had the same thing happen. I edited the account, disabled online transfers, restarted Quicken, then set it up to connect again with username and password. It sent me an e-mail with a code, I entered the code and it connected the accounts. One thing I noticed was that it downloaded some older transactions that showed as "New" at the bottom of the page. I clicked "Match manually" and deleted those. Others that showed as "match," i just clicked "accept" (they were already there from a previous download" and it did not add them again. Everything seems to be working fine now.
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I follow the logic for reconciling so that you know to delete any 'cleared' only transactions. To reconcile between statements seems like it would be tough. I would need to add up all the charges and credits since the last statement that have legitimately cleared to fill out the reconcile window. Then when the statement comes I would have to do that again because I would have already reconciled part of that statement. Is that correct or am I missing something!?
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I am using Quicken Deluxe 2016 and I cannot download from Captial One. I get the one time code message and when I select method it will not accept. Deactivated account and keeps wanting one time code but will not process request. I am doing this within capital one account in Quicken.
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Many are experiencing this issue. Doesn't seem capital one will place nice with Quicken. Your best bet is to download your transactions from their website and then manually import them into Quicken.
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There was a period of a month back in Feb when this stopped working.  Then started to work again with a one time code.  I am able to receive the code everytime.  These days I may get prompted for the code once in every 20 updates.  And even then I select cancel.  Then do an update only on CapOne only and it works again.  Made sure that your Alert email on CapOne is correct
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This has generally been my experience as well.  I get prompted periodically (once a week at most, and probably more like 10 days) for the code.  I get the code every time - and quickly - by email.  I have not tried to select cancel yet.  

However, I did have to reset the account a couple of weeks ago due to a persistent error, and so I had to go through the process of downloading and then deleting a lot of transactions.
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Yep, me too.  Then it hangs and I have to kill QW 2017 with the task manager.  Thinking about rolling back to QW 2016, as QW 2017 has been nothing but slow performance and other problems.
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QW 2016 has the same problem
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I am using Quicken 2015 with same problem. It comes and goes. It work for a week and then needs another "one time" code.
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This is a paste from a similar thread:

QWin 2017 R4 (Build 26.4.5)/Windows 10 Pro (Version 1607 Build 14393.693)

Greetings all> I have tried using all of the methods in this thread. Cap One never sent me a code to any of the means listed (Text/E-mail/Voice). Cap One within Quicken does not accept my correct password....despite logging on to the Cap One site with that password.

I contacted Capital One Online Banking support. Capital One  "is aware" of this issue. No resolution until Quicken and Capital One agree on how Quicken logs into the Cap One system. When we enter the password it is Quicken that is logging in...not the specific customer. Quicken and Cap One need to get their handshaking in sync,

As far as manually downloading transactions is concerned, here's a fun fact: D/Ling the past 30 days of transactions generated numerous duplicates as the transaction ID is different in these new QFX files than the Transaction IDs when Quicken and Capital One played well together.

So far both Cap One and Quicken have no solution until they workout security for third party log on
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I don't know if you followed the other answers, but what works for me with my Cap One Card Services is to update inside the register -- not in One Step Update. I still get the pop up, but when I select one of my mail addresses associated with Cap One, the transactions download. It's a pain, but it has helped me avoid  deactivate/re-activate scenario, which results in MANY duplicate transactions. Give it a try and reply at the bottom if it works. :-)
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This method works for me, too.
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It worked once...we'll see if it lasts. I did not get the pop up.
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I have tried all the above now what happens is the download starts but when it gets to the 6 digit code the process stops just before the 6 digit code screen and goes dark then the register appears 
I thought it was a password issue but Cap One says they do not recognize capital letters or small all the same. the only way i can download from quicken is deactivate etc. and i can not download from cap one site to quicken
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Updating within the account worked for me for a while, then it stopped and I'm back to all the same problems mentioned in this thread.  Quicken and Cap One HAVE GOT TO GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER!
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For those of you who are not receiving the code, updating the "Financial Institution Branding and Profile" may help.  How? go to Tools > Online Center > hold Ctrl+Shift and click on Contact Info at the top > select the "Financial Institution Branding and Profile" > Select your Cap One Account > Refresh > Update & Send.  Quit Quicken and launch again.  This approach worked for me where I now receive the code every time.  Your mileage may vary.  Good luck.
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I have been having this issue with my two C1 cards and 2 Quicken 2016 files for over a month as well, and have spent hours on the phone with both C1 and Quicken tech support.  Occasionally I can get a download to work, either with one file or the other...but never both on the same day.  I have resorted to manually entering transactions on all C1 accounts in both Quicken files I manage.  How 1990s...  It sucks because I like Quicken and and love my C1 cards...I just wish they would learn how to play nice with one another and soon.    
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C1 IT  just confirmed to me that Quicken 2017 has not completed or addressed the C1 new security updates that have been recently deployed.    There have been multiple tickets logged at C1 to Q on this and still Q has not completed the necessary testing to meet the C1 specifications.     The reset and one time PW link only worked once,  then   Quicken pulled down  months on transactions that took me all day  to clean up as they were duplicates logged as new.   Quicken   staff your IT department with experts!   This is your business model, Quicken, QuickBooks  Loans,  all financial electronic exchanges.   If you can't make electronic transactions you are nothing.
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Downloading dupe transactions is annoying. However, the easiest way I can think of to manage that is as follows:

1. Make sure all transactions have been cleared/reconciled.
2. Sort by cleared/reconciled.
3. Note the last few transactions.
4. Do the mass download.
5. All transactions prior to the date of your last cleared transaction can be highlighted and deleted en masse, since you've sorted by "cleared." The default second sort is by date.
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Maybe I lucked out but it seems to work now. Try changing your password and updating any profile info.See if that gets rid of the code issue. If so and you get the "popup" message log on to C1 until the popup about your income appears. Acknowledge it. Ignore any emails about it later. Once I did that things returned to normal. (I hope I don't have to eat these words LOL)
Note: don't change your login..this will generate a download of dupes because Quicken will act like it's a new account. I did that..hopefully it wasn't necessary.
However some recent posts offer a way to overcome the tedious deleting process.
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Having the same problem with Quicken 2015 Premier for Windows that are listed here.  Called C1 today and they said it was a Quicken problem.  I'll try some of the suggestions here but nothing has helped so far.
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Agree - issue is not solved.  In case it might help, see my post re C1 instructions to reactivate Quicken and the official Quicken post (5-days old) that states the problem is being worked on.
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Looks like they changed the status from SOLVED to IN-PROGRESS as of the time of this post.  Hopefully we are making a difference by speaking up.
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I agree, the TWO problems have not been solved. As I noted in an earlier post, in addition to the "security problem", the daily balance is out of sync with the downloaded transactions. Some, but not all pending transactions are being included in the download. One has to back out pending transactions to get the account to reconcile. I have found the easiest solution is to simply turn off scheduled/automatic updates for C1 and instead invoke it manually so I am at my PC to respond to the prompt.
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The issue is definitely NOT solved.  Quicken should get off their career and get this BS fixed.  Someone said "stop using Capital One" as the solution.  Really?  How cute is that?  Obviously someone who doesn't bank with Cap 1!
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I do use Capital One and "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore."  I'm closing out my Cap One account and switch to another card.  Capital One is not going to give up the two stage login and Quicken "can't" fix the problem.  That's why you don't hear any responses from them. 
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What seems to be working semi-consistently for me is going to the account in the registry and from the settings gear drop down choose update now, you will get the prompt to choose a method to receive the code choose one. After doing so the data downloaded fine with no duplicates.
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Both Capital One and Quicken are aware of this problem.  C1 offers a solution (did not work for me).  Quicken in a 5-day old post says it is being worked on.  Here is some info:

A search on C1 website for Quicken gives the following:

"Existing Quicken® Users

We recently made an important update to our servicing site, so if you’re an existing Quicken® user, you’ll need to modify your settings to ensure the smooth transition of your financial data.

Next time you sign in to your account follow these instructions:

1.     Choose Accounts, and then select Download Transactions—you’ll see an alert for Quicken® & Quickbooks®.

2.     Click the Quicken® Reactivation link.

3.     On the next page, choose your software version and follow the steps listed to prevent duplication of transaction data.

New Customers or Quicken® Users

If you’re a new Capital One customer or if you’re setting up Quicken® or Quickbooks® for the first time, please follow the software's instructions to add a new account."

I tried this but got no alert for Quicken Reactivation.  I was taken to the usual download transactions page to download a date range with a QFX file.

Also, on the Quicken Community Online Banking page there is notice (gray box in upper right) advising of problems with Capital One:

"Capital One is in the process of updating their web services, which may cause an error when adding accounts to Quicken from these specific banks:

  • Capital One Banking
  • Capital One Auto Loan
  • Capital One FinancialAdvisors
  • Capital One Personal Loans
  • Capital One Bank - TreasuryOptimizer
  • CapitalOne - TrustWeb 

  • We're working to fix this issue as quickly as possible; if you receive an error when adding an account, please try again in 24-48 hours.  To be notified when this issue is resolved, please 'follow' this thread."

This Quicken notice was posted 5 days ago -- so no solution yet.

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Nope, it's not there.

Cap One has kind of always been on the edge of Quicken compatibility because they won't support Direct Connect, leaving us with unreliable Express Web Connect. I have several credit cards, and I'm just going to stop using Cap One. I cashed in my reward dollars, & into my junk drawer this card goes.
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I have been using Quicken w/ CapOne Visa and MC since approx 2008 (looking at my Quicken history) including VERY HEAVY overseas travel and usage with absolutely no issues.  Before the chip days, it was the only card that worked in every country without a hitch and still works perfect now with the chip.  The automated transaction downloads to Quicken has been solid and accurate (zero issues) and I am equally happy with the CC and their customer service - remains my favorite CC because of their superb international transaction handling, no currency fees and competitive currency conversion rates, very good alerts and again smooth Quicken sync.  Goes to show everyone has a different experience.  I am sure this hiccup will get fixed and till then I can live with the extra steps of entering a security code.
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In my case, no code is sent, so....
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@ Brad -- I agree that Capital One has been my "go to" card for travel and day to day expenses. Until the recent security change Cap One was the ONLY card for which I had not had problems within Quicken. The work around of updating from the register is not all that arduous, since my goal is accurate records, not "never fail" connection. I'll continue to whine so I can fit in though
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@William Coney -- Please take a look at the bottom of page one of this thread where I found and described a way to get the code sent to me.  It went from never working for me to working consistently.  But then again seems like that approach worked for some and not for others.  I have the 2016 Quicken Premier on PC and just CapOne credit cards (no banks acc) for what it's worth.  oh, and I cannot take credit for the approach (whether it works for you or not) as I found it on an unrelated post but seems like something good to know.  Also Deactivating and Reactivating did not work for me and created a mess of duplicates, so don't do the deactivation.  Somewhat of a good news is that seems like they changed the status of this thread from solved (which made me furious - look at the very top of this page) to in-progress in the last few hours.  So let's do what @Kevlar_Heart suggested and speak up.
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After weeks of cc501 and then account category unrecognized (so i was never able to re-activate) up to last night. This morning I decided to try before I leave the house and behold without any code request or hesitation the account was recognized and downloaded like it should.

That said, I wish this could happen to my HSBC account and Synchrony Bank but no such luck!!

After 27 years of being a quicken user the last 7 years been mentally terrorizing !!

I wish Quicken would stop inventing new features that the majority of the users have no need for and focus on providing us with a bug free reliable software that can manage to download safely, accurately and reliably. I am sure we will be happy and pay to downgrade to that version. (sarcasm)

We also dont want our personal data to reside on your cloud. I dont want you to mine it either, I already paid for your software it was not free.

So, Eric Dunn CEO you seemed to be a good guy, we were happy to hear from you 7 month ago when you promised to stay in touch and keep us up to date. You also said that Quicken 2017 was great and stable! from what I have seen it has been the worst roll out, The proof, look at the number of patch releases and the list of known issues. That is a shame. I have plenty more to say but i will stop here.

To the community I am sorry for the rant.
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I think you said it very well.  I'm sure many of us feel exactly the same.

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