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I've been using Quicken since the early 1990s and really enjoy it. I dont understand why I still cant use my quicken 2012 or now my 2012? I get error # L-301 A and says that my financial institution is rejecting my request. So I go to my bank and see the IT manager. He says that he hasnt rejected anything, checks everything that he can and even says that his bank pays Intuit over $3000. per year to use their format. I then call a support line and he says that he cant fix it, I need to upgrade to the newest version. I use to give Quicken the highest ratings on line and to every business owner I knew. I've even used Quick Books Pro and it wont even work anymore. I know these programs, all of their functions and have been accustomed to them over my many years using them, butI'm pretty upset with the quality of the product failing now days and the horrible ability of support for the product. I'm about to just use accel or just some other product that my bank will work with. 
I plead to the management of Intuit to support all of us that have enjoyed and depended on this wonderful product over the many years, please dont let its reputation drop and phase out of the industry and another competitor take its place. 
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I've been using Quicken since 1990.  You need to buy a new Quicken every 3 years to be able to use online features. My last Quicken was 2013 then I was required to get Q 2016.  It happens every 3 years and we have to live with it.  What I hate now is the Intuit ID & password when we install a version of Q. we've been using on a new computer. When I get an error, try again later, I forget I need to download the latest mondo patch. The screen doesn't say that and it would help a lot if it did!  Quicken became an independent company run by Eric Dunn, backed by H.I.G. Capital early 2016, so things had become different then. Refer to this:
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If it is not a typo and you are really using 2012, then it's not surprising that it no longer works to download information. Each version only is supported for three years. Anything prior to 2015 won't be supported.
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"what does this mean?"  I forget I need to download the latest mondo patch. 
I too have  used Qkn for over 20 years & this is the 1st time I cannot make it work like it used too-& agree why won't they acknowledge these problems?
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And if you think you are upset that the current download life for Quicken is "only" three years before you need to year Quicken will be moving to an annual subscription product license.

Therefore you'll need to pay EVERY year to continue to download transactions and security prices.  And if you don't renew, Quicken will resort to "limited functionality mode"...which is corporate speak for your Quicken product will be disabled and you won't be able to even add transactions manually.

We're all gonna have fun with that. 
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If that's the way it is, then I predict 99% of long-time users will accede and pay up, being addicted to Quicken.
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And I think the opposite.  I think there will be a huge migration AWAY from Quicken.

And as I've said in previous posts...I don't think Quicken Inc survives even five years.

They may attempt to lure current users into the annual subscription model, and it might even succeed for a bit.  But in 2020, when Quicken 2017 users have exhausted their "download transactions" window and will then be "forced" to subscribe, Quicken will hold all the cards.

And watch how the price of Quicken skyrockets compared to what the initial subscription will be.  As it is, the annual subscription will be close to what the retail box is...and users will be paying about 5-6 times what their paying already.

Add in the "ransom" factor and you could be paying ten times more than you're paying now.

And there will be a flock of people migrating to other products.  Just look at this forum and see how many people are moving on already because of the shoddy software that they can't deal with anymore.   
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Well if the price skyrockets I take it back. you might be paying three times as much if you have updated every three years.
What is the "ransom" factor ?
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Personally I look at a bit differently.

I think Quicken customers have been "skating" for a very long time.  They have been paying very small amount of money for a very costly service, and then on top of that complaining when that costly support doesn't go on forever.

People have been able to pick up Quicken for $40 on discount, and use if for 3 to 3.5 years with downloading of transactions.  At 3 years that is about $1.11 per month.  Or maybe a bit more if they didn't know to pick it up at bargain prices.

The same people have claimed that a program like Quicken is essential for their finances.  And still they think any cost is "outrageous".

So sure if you take this three year cost or even worse "pay once, get online services for life".  Any cost is going to be "outrageous".  Where in fact the subscription price for the Canadian version is less than what they would pay for one year of the old price model.  So if people were upgrading every year the price would be reduced.

What's more it seems that people are forgetting the fact people were basically asking the new company to staff up the development group (especially on the Mac side), they were complaining about the support being "foreign", and even if you personally have not asked for Morning Star X-ray portfolio, downloading loan accounts, mobile, online bill presentment, Zillow estimates, ... there were certainly enough of the other Quicken customers asking for those things, and they aren't free.

And Quicken Inc doesn't need have to have all these "loyal" customers.  The people that were already buying Quicken every year would have a reduced price, so that certainly wouldn't be a reason to leave for them.  For the people paying every two years is would be a modest increase, so I would say most if not all of them would upgrade if price is the only factor.  And yes there will be even some of the "three year customers" that will upgrade.

That would be more than enough customers to get at least the same amount of revenue.

To me the biggest factor is the not being able to add transactions if the person doesn't keep up the subscription.  And frankly not because people wouldn't keep up the subscriptions, but just because this kind of thing really makes people nervous.

As for Quicken Inc going out of business in 5 years.  It might happen, but it might have happened if they don't go to the subscription model.  In fact I would venture to say that one of the reasons they are trying this is because it might have started to be clear to them that their was no way to staff up to the levels needed to really get where they wanted without something changing.

The subscription model in one stroke, gets rid of the supporting people that barely supported Quicken, it reduces the number of versions they have to maintain, and yes most likely increases the revenue that they will make.