Fidelity's Elan Visa Credit Card download stopped working

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Windows 7 Pro, Quicken 2015 Deluxe

The last several months including yesterday, downloads from Elan worked fine.  Today, Elan does not recognize my login info.  I tried resetting the account and Quicken asked me to choose an account ending in the numbers of the card.  After selecting the account, Quicken reported it could not locate the account during the reset.

I deactivated the account and reactivated.  Quicken reported a "Sorry. We encountered an error. (It's not your fault.) "  displayed in red.
It's asking the correct security questions, just not getting past password validation.
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Posted 1 year ago

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2017-02-14 After about an hour on Quicken support chat and several recovery tries, they said they could find nothing wrong in the connection logs and suggestion contacting Elan technical support.  I called Elan technical support and spoke to Renita.  She said Elan no longer supports Quicken Express Web Connect and requires you to login to their site to download transactions to Quicken.   Quicken software still indicates Express Web Connect is available for Elan, but activating it doesn't work for me.
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Hi Mike,

I'm sorry for the trouble you are having downloading from your Elan account(s). Financial institutions sign a contract when they agree to support Quicken. I don't know what the process is, when the FI decides it is not going to support Quicken any longer. If Elan says they no longer support Quicken Express Web Connect, but Quicken still indicates Express Web Connect is still available, it's possible that Elan may not have reported their decision to stop supporting Express Web Connect to Quicken.

I know you've already been in contact with chat support, but you might want to reach out to them again, to let them know what you have found. Information about contacting Quicken chat and phone support is available here:
Please scroll down to the blue area at the bottom of the page, for the contact information.

If this information doesn’t answer all of your questions, please add a comment to this conversation, so we can help you get the answers you need, as quickly as possible.

To help other users who may be having a similar problem, please update this thread with your results. If the information provided helped to resolve the problem, please select the blue "Helpful" button at the top of the post, if this response was helpful and resolved the issue.

I hope this helps,        
I wish there was someway to email Quicken support with a link to this URL that explains the problem rather than having to go through all the support triage again.

I let Quicken support know via chat.
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I also encountered the Elan connection problem.  I just set up a new Quicken installation in January (Quicken 2017 on Windows 10) and I was able to establish my Elan/Fidelity accounts with no issue.  Starting in February, I had several connection issues.  I incurred another problem on 2/9/2017 and called Quicken Customer Support. I was able to resolve the problem and reconnect.  Today is 2/15/2017 and once again, I am unable to connect.  Sigh.

If the problem is Elan and not Quicken, can someone provide an Elan customer service contact, so I can register a complaint?  I'm happy to send my request as a Quicken customer to resolve the problem, but it would be more effective to have a specific contact, rather than general customer service, if such a contact is available.
If you go through the motions of adding an account and try to add an Elan credit card but don't complete the addition, Quicken shows the support number as 877-334-0460.  I don't have a specific contact at Elan, just their technical support team via the phone menu.


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Thanks for replying.  I'll copy a post from a related thread here:

Automatic downloading worked for me for ~2 months after getting the Fidelity Visa card in August.  Yes, the username and password should be ones that go directly to Elan Financial Services, not Fidelity.

Currently this works sometimes and fails sometimes.  The most common failure is
During the last online session, Quicken encountered an online error [CC-585]. What does that mean? Your financial institution has implemented a security method that requires you to refresh your online banking information.

When it works, sometimes it works without prompting for a security question and sometimes it does prompt for a security question and then works.

When it fails, sometimes "Reset Account" works, sometimes it doesn't.  When it doesn't work, it often fails by getting into an infinite loop or other non-responsive state.  Another symptom is that Quicken replaces the account name "Fidelity Visa" with the account name used by Elan.  Sometimes Quicken restores the "Fidelity Visa" name and sometimes I have to edit the account to do so.

Usually Deactivating and Reactivating will work, but that is irritating.  When using this procedure, I get prompted for all 3 security questions, so Quicken ought to have all 3 answers.

Some comment from a Quicken rep about whether this is a Quicken or Elan issue would be appreciated.

See thread for more details.
Please see my latest post at

I'm hoping the problem is resolved.  The trick for me was to make sure my Elan login id is different than the Fidelity login id.
Update: Elan transaction downloads from Quicken have been working solidly since I made sure the Elan userid was different from the Fidelity userid.  This issue is fixed for me.
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I also changed my Elan user ID to something different from my Fidelity one, deleted my old Elan account in Quicken and set up a new one using my new user name  but continue to have duplicate charges showing in my account.  VERY FRUSTRATING!
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The new username worked for me.  BUT, it created a new account.  is there a way to merge transactions from two accounts so I have my old and new transactions for Fidelity Visa showing up in the same account?
I didn't get a new account created.  Did you deactivate your old account, change the userid in Elan website, and then activate the Elan connection in Quicken and link to the old account during the activation?

Tp move transactions between accounts this may help: