NEW 3/31/17: Required Critical Update for Quicken Windows 2016 and 2017 users receiving a Server Error or Internal Error “We encountered an error on the Bill Server...”

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Quicken Windows 2016 customers using version R10 or earlier, and Quicken Windows 2017 users on R3 or earlier, must update to the latest release to resolve this error: Error - Server error - Internal Error - We encountered an error on the Bill Server with your request or the Bill Server is not responding.  Please try again later."


Quicken updated critical backend systems on March 30th, 2017, to enhance stability and ensure the best service possible for Quicken users.  If you’re NOT on the latest Quicken patch release for your current product, you may experience errors when using Quicken.

To determine if you're on the latest release of Quicken, just go to Help > About Quicken in your Quicken program.  If you're using 2016 R11 or 2017 R4 or later versions, you don’t need to take any action.

If you haven’t updated by 3/31/17, and you experience any server errors in Quicken, please update to the latest release to resolve these issues:

Quicken 2016 Updates

Quicken 2017 Updates
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Posted 2 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled QWin 2017: Grey screen appears after installation of R5 patch... Solution!.

Here's what to do.... I thoroughly went through testing with tech support for 3 hours this morning and discovered 2 work arounds.Work around one... will do if you are not picky. Setting the at startup option to "home" and then navigating to your account will for the most part be a workaround until R6 appears. Note: if there is not that option in the pull down list in edit, preferences, startup, startup location ... then go to view, tabs to show and select "home"... It will then appear in the startup location pulldown.Work around two... better for now.However downloading this file... require a little patience! The best solution for now is to...1. do a clean uninstall... using qcleanui and msiclean32 executables. The two files must be in the same folder... search support for these files for 2017. Uninstall for all versions. 2. delete intuit related folder and sub folders from programdata\intuit, appdata\roaming\intuit, and appdata\local\intuit3. Important, reboot and disconnect your internet access, pull the plug from the modem and reinstall the original quicken 2017 file... then reconnect the internet to register. You will now be at R24. Run the mondo patch for version R4 above link. Voila!
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This update bounced me out of Quicken, and since then reports don't show all categories & attempting to print causes the program to freeze!
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Just had update R5 installed. Now a window pops up on opening "review downloaded payee". The program hangs, and hangs and hangs until I hit the escape key. in less than 2 seconds after that, the program opens and loads.
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Just installed the update and it is playing havoc with my Quicken,  Is there anyway to uninstall this update, my quicken worked fine before and now it's a mess!!!
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Go to and install 2017 Mondo patch for R4.
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I too am getting "Review Downloaded Payee" and a very long delay. I also printed checks and the sequenced check numbers do not match the register. I had to manually correct the check numbers in the register. You need to do a total review under normal usage before issuing a update, this is pitiful.
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R5 is buggy.  After entering the file pwd, quick now has a small pop-up rectangle about the size of the pwd field that says in light grey type: "review download payee."  This pop-up prevents the file from loading until you hit enter.  That was merely annoying.

The problematic bug is that it now gives a faulty CC-508 error for one of my accounts.  There are no pending actions on that accounts website.  Also tried all the troubleshooting steps for this issue per quicken guide (clear IE etc).  Nothing works.  This was not a problem before the R5 update. 

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After the last Quicken update, I finally managed to get rid of the annoying Intuit Login requirement. *I use Quicken only on my desktop, don't use any of the online services. Quicken updated yesterday and installed R5. Now I'm back to getting the infuriating Intuit login prompt again. I have to close the login window 4 - 5 times before I can access the program. Afterwards, Quicken throws a debug file onto my desktop. RIDICULOUS! I've used Quicken for years and never had these kinds of issues. This software is horrible!
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I also did an update. I keep getting the Intuit login screen. Tried logging in and says error on Quicken's end. Even so why can't I update my accounts? So now it is stuck and unable to use. I've had more issues with Quicken 2017 than an other version. I've been using Quicken since 2003. Please resolve this issue.


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I have the same issue.  Enter your quicken ID then it says a 'UH OH Something went wrong on our end'  Pretty worthless now.  They seem to have my email for selling, guess it doesn't work to notify of an issue that shuts you out.
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I am getting the same log-in error.  :/
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Same issue as others above me.  Forced to update to 2017 R5 and now I am greeted with a sign in screen for "intuit id".  When I enter the wrong password it tells me wrong password.  When I enter the right password it tells me "uh oh! something went wrong on our end.  click here to try again."  So, I know it is authenticating through to some where.   pretty infuriating, gotta be honest.  This latest update has bricked the application for me.
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Michael Hurst

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I have lost the capability to run the One-Step update for all my financial accounts. The Inuit sign-in box appears after successfully using the PW manager. Then it responds that "Opps, there is an error on our end. Try again." Did this 3 times; also completely opened and closed Quicken 2016vR11 each time to clear the cache. All to no avail. I now have no access to my financial accounts through Quicken! PLEASE fix the bug you introduced with your "update."
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David MacDonald

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I have the exact same issue. What gives?
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Jeannie Smith

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My quicken shows that I'm on the Update R11, but I'm still getting this error message. My account is not syncing to the cloud or downloading new info from my bank accounts. I've also tried validating my accounts and those come back with no-errors. Today I attempted to reset an account and it gave me an error message twice. Help!
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Terry Bybee

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Update R11 .  Download  flag not turning off after updates accepted. 

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