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In an effort to fix constant crashes in Q2017 RPM (mostly arising from report functions), I downloaded and attempted to install the latest mondo patch (Q2017R4MPatch.exe), even though I'm already at version R4 (build  The patch fails with the message, "An error occurred.  Unable to check for updates, the server file failed to load."  Further details say, "Index and length must refer to a location within the string.  Parameter name: length"  All other on-line functions work; e.g., I'm able to download transactions, log into my Quicken account, etc.  Any thoughts on what's broken?

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Posted 4 months ago

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It sounds like for some reason the patch install is corrupted.  Or maybe just something in your setup makes it think it is.

I suggest you use this procedure to uninstall Quicken and then reinstall it.
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John L. Miller

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I followed the entire QCleanUI procedure to fully remove Quicken, reinstalled it, and the mondo patch still fails.
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Well then I suggest you contact Quicken support.  They can at least get the logs and such from you to have a better chance at getting to the bottom of the problem.
http://www.quicken.com/contact-support Links are near the bottom of the page.
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This problem happens for every Mondo Patch that was ever released, from R1 through R5, for Quicken 2017 Real Estate on a latest Windows 10 and on a 2016 machine.  Yes, this exact problem listed above continually exists.  Quicken needs to pay attention and correct this problem.

EVEN IF the user has a so-called corrupted installation on the windows machine, a Mondo patch is there for the exact purpose of fixing a corrupted situation.  It still falls upon Quicken.

For me, since I have had Quicken 2017, a mondo patch no longer works at all, and I'm pretty upset about it.  I do not like the updates that get downloaded via One Step Update because I've had errors in the past that way and I will never trust updates given to me that way ever again.  So, for me, whenever there was an update, I went to download a Mondo Patch and then updated with that tool.  It was always trustworthy. 

I have had Quicken for the last 16 years....

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@R S you are assuming a lot of things.  First off that because you and John have had this problem everyone has it.  Far from the truth, basically if everyone had the problem this forum would light up with threads on it, and that isn't the case.

So in fact this a very rare situation, and has something to do with your exact configuration.  Hardly something that the developers would be actively trying to fix.

Also the Mondo Patch install isn't "cure all".  In fact the only difference between it and the regular install is with the regular install it checks the versions of the files that it is installing in comparison to what is on your machine, and if yours is already current, it skips it.  The Mondo patch install just overwrites all files.  So if a file that it is installing gets corrupted, that will replace it.

But that is far from the only things that can go wrong on a system.  Configuration files can be wrong (that is the reason for something like the QCleanUI procedure), permissions can be wrong on folders and files.  The installation of .Net can be corrupted...  And in fact a bad .Net configuration can be the cause of the installation program itself failing.

You might try the procedure that SuperUser thecreator suggests:

See this Article to reinstall Quicken: https://getsatisfaction.com/quickencommunity/topics/how-to-download-and-how-to-install-from-download...

Many Users, don't like Registry Cleaners, but I do and they do work.

I use Glary Utilities http://www.glarysoft.com/ 1-Click Maintenance and CCleaner

I run both Glary Utilities and CCleaner's Cleaner and Registry, right after deleting all the sub-folders and files mentioned. Saves me from restarting the computer.

After running the CCleaner, I install Quicken and it works.
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I have been seeing exactly the same symptoms with the latest Mondo patch for Quicken 2016.  I've been through the whole "use QCLEANUI to clean up your installation and then reinstall" and it makes no difference.  There is a problem with the patch files, and it behooves Quicken (no longer part of Intuit) to address it.  If you have a problem with Quicken that needs a real patch, and you can't use the patch tool because it breaks, then effectively your Quicken product is broken.  Suggesting that you can fix the problem with some third-party "registry cleaner" that has potentially dangerous side effects is not a real solution, even though I'm sure the poster who suggested it believes it's a good idea.