Quicken Bill Pay is the worst nightmare ever !

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Quicken Bill Pay is the worst nightmare ever !  I have been a LOYAL Intuit/Quicken/TurboTax customer with my first Quicken purchase in the '80s.  I was happy with my Quicken 2015 Home and Business version when I receive the BAD News from Quicken telling me they were going to yank my ability to download transactions from my Navy Federal Credit Union.

That's when my 'NIGHTMARE' began !  I was FORCED to purchase Quicken 2018 [removed, inaccurate] or move to a competitor which is something I did not want to do but it is looking more and more like my only option.

I purchased a TWO year annual [removed, inaccurate] Quicken 2018 Premier version which is supposed to come with FREE Quicken Bill Pay.

Well I ended up with a BIG surprise to see a $9.95 debit taken from my checking account WITHOUT any notice or warning which could have caused many overdrafts and bounced check charges !  Quicken and Bill Pay do not talk to each other and Quicken Customer Service/Tech Support cannot access your Quicken Bill Pay account information nor can the Bill Pay Customer Service (I use the term lightly) do much of anything but generate a ticket that is sent to ANOTHER hidden department that they cannot transfer you to so this department can issue a credit.

Well the NIGHTMARE continues !  Several days later THEY still have your $9.95 and they cannot tell you if they will not be taking ANOTHER $9.95 next month ... time will tell.

Oh ... one of Bill Pay's solutions is to CLOSE your Bill Pay account.  Well does anyone know how long and involved it is to setup ONE Checking or Savings Account and all your payees only to have to DELETE then entire account  !!!!  Ludicrous !!!

The root of the problem is that Quicken farms out their Bill Payment Services to an Off Shore Company:

Metavante Payment Services, LLC that appears to be Head Quartered at
11000 W Lake Park Drive, Milwaukee WI 53224
877 486.8844

You actually reach poorly trained customer service personnel, who do nothing but APOLOGIZE again and again and again with no capability to resolve your issues because they are LIMITED in accessing what they need to do their job.  They are hold up on some remote continent faced with many barriers and hoops they have to jump through to provide the most basic of Customer Support/Tech Support.

When talking to a Quicken representative with a Bill Pay problem they have to turn you over to Metavante Payment Services and then those knuckleheads tell you they cannot help.  All they are empowered to do is generate a Ticket and then tell you that someone from another department will get back to you with a solution.

Well ... nobody gets back to you to get to the bottom of the PROBLEM and fix it.  Instead these wimps end up sending you an email that goes something like this:

Dear xxxxxxxx,
Thank you for contacting us.

We have reviewed your request for a refund of $9.95. After reviewing, we have determined that you were correctly charged for the billing plan in which you were enrolled. Therefore, we are not able to comply with your request.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 877-486-8844.

Quicken Bill Pay Team
July 22, 2018

If Quicken wants to FIX this they must find another company to partner with and dump Metavante Payment Services, LLC before their reputation gets marred beyond repair.
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Posted 5 months ago

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Did you have more than 15 payments in a billing period, including e-bills? The free bill pay has a payment per billing period limit. If you exceed the limit you are charged.
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Thanks for the suggestion.  Can you pay bill from within Quicken with e-bill?

My Credit Union already provides a free bill pay service which I have been happily using for over 10 years but I cannot pay bills from WITHIN Quicken.  I have to log-on to my Credit Union to pay my bills there then cut a paste those payments into Quicken 2018 Premier (Two year annual subscription with FREE bill pay that sucks).

What would be nice is to pay bills from within Quicken.  I suppose Quicken wants everyone to use Quicken Bill Pay so they do not make their software work with other Bill Pay Services.
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It appears that Navy Federal CU supports only the Express Web Connect method, and not Direct Connect. You would need Direct Connect in order to pay bills through your bank, directly from Quicken. Direct Connect is a 2 way communication.

From fidir.txt:

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From C. D. Bales:

"I suppose Quicken wants everyone to use Quicken Bill Pay so they do not make their software work with other Bill Pay Services."

Not at all.

It is your financial institution that determines whether you can send billpay instructions to them from Quicken. And doing that requires two things from the financial institution: Direct Connect AND the acceptance of billpay instructions from Quicken.

Navy Federal Credit Union does not offer Direct Connect, so they are unable to accept billpay instructions from Quicken.

USAA offers Direct Connect, but they choose not to accept billpay instructions from Quicken.

"Can you pay bill from within Quicken with e-bill?"

If you receive e-bills, you can have them paid automatically by your financial institution. You should get a notification of the amount of the e-bill, well before the e-bill is due. If you want the e-bill paid, you do nothing and the financial institution pays it when it is due. If do not want the e-bill paid automatically, you notify the financial institution not to pay it.

In many instances you can cut out the middle man, and have the payee automatically deduct the funds from your checking account or your credit card account. I have such an arrangement with NFCU and USAA.
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Thank you very much for this information.
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I concur with you. I tried bill pay since it was free earlier this year. The payment in the checking account somehow became disconnected from the bill pay company. I let it go to see if when the payment processed it would update the checkbook account correctly. It didn't. I tried removing the bill pay and stuff went south, My checking account got messed up because of it. It was a lot of work to get it straitened out. I was looking forward to bill pay. Now that I have Quicken working again with my bank I am afraid to try it again. Yes I did call Quicken and the Bill Pay company before trying anything myself. 

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It may be your credit union is charging you for the direct connect that allows you to download your transactions.  I used PayTrust (also run by Metavante and the PayTrust was bought out be Intuit) for 16 years until last year when the problems started.  You characterization of their tech support is right on the money.  It took me almost 8 months to close the account because they kept reopening it.

I now have my credit cards directly paid from my bank account.  I would look for another solution as Quicken Bill Pay and Metavante is a sure loser.
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I agree, this alleged benefit for signing up for the Premium 2018 Quicken has taken us months to get working, and it still doesn't work.  They claim it is simple, but keep adding new hurdles, have a horrible series of user interfaces, and customer service, as noted, was worthless.  On top of that, imagine just two small items.  One, they want a whole pile of private information (drivers license, actual copy of a social security card, a voided check, etc.), and it has to be sent in PAPER version or FAX?  NOT pdf.  Who has a fax any longer?  And while they have access to my credit report through Quicken itself (and of course have that actual license), they claim they need verification we are at our address, and so require a mortgage payment or rental slip or a utility bill, but don't accept a tax return or pay slip or the address the bank itself uses for checks and paying bills, etc.  I could go on, but Metavante is horrible, and this company is a terrible representative for what Quicken says it wants to be for customers.
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I'm going through the same horrible interaction with Bill Pay myself. They still try to charge my bank account $9.95 a month for a Bill Pay account their own customer service says doesn't exist. Quicken Bill Pay borders on fraud and Quicken was very misleading in saying Bill Pay is free with upgrade to Quicken 2018 Premier.
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Hello everyone.

This thread is becoming argumentative, so it is being closed.

If you are needing a refund or have issues with Quicken Bill Pay, you can reach them at 877-486-8844 or via e-mail at quickenbillpay@billsupport.com.

Thank you.

~ Quicken Harold.

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