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Quicken Deluxe for Windows. Downloaded transactions today. Have 431 transactions for my checking account, most of which are from 2017/2018. These transactions have been removed from my register! No problem last week when I downloaded transactions. As is, the Quicken files are useless to me.
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Posted 1 month ago

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It appears that the problem is the sync to the cloud. I restored my last backup and removed the sync to the cloud from the update and things are back to normal, sort of. I did have the "split" problem that others mentioned, and I did have a number of transactions where the category disappeared (all from about a year and a half ago). I've fixed these, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the removal of the cloud sync will keep my Quicken files safe.

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Also watch out for transactions that are linked by Quicken's automatic "Transfer Detection" feature (unless you disable it under Edit > Preferences > Transfer Detection.  

Be aware that if a category showing on a transaction is in brackets, with the name of another of your accounts, that transaction is linked to one in that other account. If you change the category, the linked transaction will disappear! This is because Quicken thinks you no longer need it. (You see, when you manually enter a transaction and categorize it as a transfer, it saves you time by generating the matching transaction in the other account. Like a credit card payment from your checking account. So even if you've downloaded the transactions, once Quicken decided it was a linked "transfer" transaction, if you tell it one of them is not a transfer, then it thinks the other one is extraneous. 

The only way to fix is to go ahead and re-categorize one, understand that the other one has disappeared, and go enter it manually. Or, you could start from scratch with quicken and ask it not to automatically detect transfers when you first import your transactions. 

It took me four hours to figure all this out, so I'm trying to spread the word to save others some time.  
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From C. D. Bales:
"Also watch out for transactions that are linked by Quicken's automatic "Transfer Detection" feature ....".

I agree that users should not allow the Transfer Detection feature to "Automatically create transfers when detected".

But the user need not refuse to use the Transfer Detection feature altogether: Quicken allows the user to "Confirm possible transfers before entering in register".

I use that option and I have never had a problem with it. The transfers that Quicken "detects" for me are correct over 95% of the time ... and the few that are not correct can be easily refused with one click.

Also, when you get an incorrect Quicken transfer transaction (say a transfer from Account A to Account B), and assuming that each affected account should have a transaction for the date/amount in the incorrect transfer:
- make a copy (Copy Transaction/Paste Transaction) of the incorrect transfer transaction in one of the accounts (say Account A), then
- in Account A, modify the first copy of the incorrect transfer to have the correct category
- in Account B, modify (what is now the only remaining copy of) the incorrect transfer transaction to have the correct category.